Do Sex Offender Registries Make Us Safer? w/David Garlock

Today, Hunter spoke with David Garlock, a formerly incarcerated and current criminal justice reformer, to discuss how David’s journey from victim, to prison, to life after prison has landed him advocating to end sex offender registries. As a child, David endured nearly a decade of child sexual abuse. Eventually, he and his brother sought revenge against the man who committed the acts, and they made the decision to murder that man. David and his brother would go on to be convicted of murder and spend a decade locked away in an Alabama prison. Following his prison time, David began working with those who committed sex crimes in an attempt to rehabilitate them. Given his experience, there are few people who can speak with such moral authority on the issue of the sex offender registry and in the efforts to move our system away from one with a bedrock of vengeance.

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