In September 2016, NARSOL launched a project to create dynamic, self-sustaining support groups nationwide, specifically for registered citizens and their adult family members and closest friends impacted by our draconian sexual offense laws.

These groups are much MORE than support groups, however. Their goal is two-fold: first, to provide a strong community for persons marginalized and ostracized by our society, bringing hope and empowerment, and second, to educate group members on such wide-ranging topics as advocacy, self-improvement, and civil rights. The ultimate goal is to empower registrants and their loved ones to succeed in spite of our society’s restraints so that they may become a part of the solution. Meetings contain two key components: a presentation that will inspire and educate Fearless members and a sharing/discussion component where members can apply what they have heard, connect, and build community.

Interested in starting a group in your area? Just want to know more about the project? Here is a pamphlet with more information. Watch our conference panel discussing what’s involved in running a Fearless group. Contact us to request a starter packet of materials which includes printable pdfs of the following documents: