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Coordinators and Directors

Coordinators and Directors are responsible for task and volunteer management on a specific project such as affiliate management, marketing tasks, or fearless groups. They keep track of the progress of their team and report that information to the board, executive director, or volunteer coordinator regularly.

Approved applicants will have skills or experience in leading a group of people. They will be willing to learn and understand the importance of the project or task and then communicate that to the rest of their team. These are dedicated individuals who put in the necessary time and effort to train volunteers within our organization and then help them stay engaged and motivated. They are not expected to know how to do everything the project involves but should be able to communicate our needs to the volunteers who are skilled in those areas. They should have good organizational and communication skills and attend regular team meetings.

Research Assistants

NARSOL’s research assistants are tasked with the critical job of ensuring that our Wiki and Resources sites contain the most current and accurate information on state and federal laws, case law, local ordinances and policies, and other information related to registry issues so that those who need that information have a reliable resource they can use. Research assistants know where to look on state and federal government sites to find the correct information, and then they submit it via a form. They also comb through the Wiki and resource pages’ current entries to make additions or corrections.

Approved applicants for the research assistant positions will receive training and resources. They will periodically report their progress to their project leaders.


As a journalist for NARSOL, you will work closely with our communications director as you submit original news reports, research, and opinion pieces supported by documented facts. If applicable, for publishing on our website or our printed bi-monthly newsletter. You will be critical in helping keep the public informed and educated on the truth about registry laws and other matters concerning our cause.

All articles that NARSOL journalists publish will be posted under the author’s real name or pseudonym. If the author chooses, a short biography with a photograph will be included so that they receive the deserved recognition. Also, a link can be added if the author has a blog.

This position is an excellent opportunity for aspiring or experienced writers that can be used to bolster a resume or to add a personal reference for your skills and abilities. Applicants will be asked to submit samples of their writing for review if they do not have credentials, official training, or previous job experience in journalism.


NARSOL receives dozens of written letters in the mail each week. It is important to us that we respond to these letters in a professional and timely manner. Our correspondents download and read scanned copies of the letters, then upload their responses to a Dropbox folder. Their answers will then be printed and mailed from our Albuquerque, New Mexico offices. NARSOL will provide all the necessary training and resources to approved applicants for the correspondent positions.

Website Developer

NARSOL maintains several websites on different platforms and servers, and we have plans to add even more for our various projects and state affiliates. A team of skilled and experienced IT and web development professionals work together to ensure that our websites are up-to-date and running smoothly. Applicants who want to join our tech team as web developers will be expected to show certification or demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Social Media Specialist

NARSOL maintains several social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube.) It is vital to keep these profiles populated with relevant content that will reach the masses. This position is vital for uniting registrants and their family members everywhere and educating the public, who otherwise may not know about the harmful effects of the registry laws.

Applicants for the social media specialist position will be asked to submit a summary describing why promoting the organization on social media is essential and how they would approach it. If you are a registrant, please ensure that you fully understand what the law is in your regarding social media accounts before applying for this position. You may be expected to report the account to law enforcement.

Comment Moderator (currently filled)

NARSOL has several websites inviting the public to comment on published articles. Each website has a different set of guidelines on what is considered an appropriate comment. A NARSOL comment moderator is an important job that helps encourage our readers to find their rational voices in speaking out against registry laws.

Approved applicants for comment moderator positions will be given limited access to the administrator panels of our various websites. They will be trained to recognize which comments can be approved and which should be deleted. Approved applicants are expected to use restraint and respond with “NARSOL’s voice” as much as possible. They must agree to never comment in a way that could be misconstrued as legal advice.

State-Level Volunteer

State-level volunteers feel they can do the most good for our cause by participating in state level activities. Applicants interested in state-level volunteering will be connected with the contact, advocate, or affiliate liaison within their states, if there is one. The state group or contact person will then be responsible for engaging them as a volunteer.

State Contact

Every day, NARSOL receives several questions or requests for support that are state specific. NARSOL state contacts commit to learning about the registry laws and activities regarding registrants in their states and agree to communicate with the people seeking that information through email or over the phone.

Approved applicants for the state contact positions must sign an MOU after an interview with their area’s regional coordinator. They will then receive the necessary training and resources. State contacts are expected to keep NARSOL’s gatekeepers and regional coordinators informed when they respond to a person so the interaction can be documented in our records.

State Advocate

State advocates are devoted individuals determined to bring the issues of the sex offender registry in their states to light and address them. They are doing public work such as legislative advocacy, re-entry assistance, or support groups for registered persons. They seek to learn all they can about their state, with NARSOL’s assistance. State advocates are expected to report activities to their regional coordinators regularly.

Approved applicants for the state advocate positions must sign an MOU after an interview with their area’s regional coordinator. NARSOL state advocates may be asked to respond to questions regarding their state’s laws and activities if there is no Contact in the state. State advocates are expected to keep NARSOL’s gatekeepers and regional coordinators informed when they respond to a person so the interaction can be documented in our records.

NARSOL Gatekeeper

NARSOL receives many emails and voice messages daily, and we must respond to these contacts in a timely fashion in the most appropriate and informative way possible. NARSOL’s gatekeepers are the first point of contact for these incoming voice messages and emails. They will often forward the communication to a state contact person or a regional coordinator more familiar with the topic the person is asking about. However, there are many cases when it is more appropriate for the gatekeepers to respond.

Gatekeepers are compassionate and empathize with others. They understand that people contacting our organization often live in challenging circumstances and need help. Approved applicants for the gatekeeper position will receive training and access to the gatekeeper’s email account. They will also be expected to keep track of all the correspondence they handle by entering the data into a form. Finally, gatekeepers are invited to our monthly regional coordinator meetings; as the first point of contact, they often have helpful insight to share.

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