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In the current political and social climate, the voices of registrants and their families are drowned out by many factors. Fear of vigilantes, unwanted media attention, and shame for being required to register are major concerns. RSOL believes every person’s voice should be heard on this very important subject. Therefore, after months of work, we have relaunched our Tales from the Registry into its own website. You can tell us your story, and we’ll post it for you on the new website. You can give as much, or as little, information about yourself as you wish on the site.

For many years now, with very little funding, RSOL has done as much as it can for registrants and their families. Now we have begun to revamp existing programs, and we have started some new initiatives such as our Legal Fund. We very much need funding to help people like you to continue challenging these logic-flawed laws and public misperceptions. Please consider donating to our General or Legal F<span 1.45em;”=””>und. By donating even a few dollars, you are helping us pay for our programs and challenge laws. Help us to help you!

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