CA Federal Lawsuit Offendex update

A federal lawsuit has been filed against 3 sex offender extortion websites by Attorney Janice Bellucci of California RSOL, financially supported, in part, by Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. Donations from people like you to our Legal Fund have made funding this lawsuit possible!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Below is a video with more information on the two men that run these 3 website.  Please contact the Arizona Atty. General’s office and pressure them to act also! Thank you!

Update: May 30, 2013
Another article regarding the temperature increasing in Arizona for Mr. Rodrick and Mr. Oesterblad.

someone outside of NARSOL

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2 Thoughts to “CA Federal Lawsuit Offendex update”

  1. AvatarDawn Deangelo

    Finially someone done something right. Thank you for my peace of mind back. My family, my fathers victims including myself Finially can rest our heads because offendex is no longer on the web so they or I don’t have to think about our abusers face online. Thank you and now I can recover and so can many othets! That was very wrong to have those offenders online so the victims much less the world can ‘re visit the pain and night mares over again. Most of us victims stay victims to becoming else biding survivors and perfect reps with the police. How wrong of offendex to reoffend those of us whom follow the law. I felt violated and future given a reason to tell others am a victim.

    1. Avatarhc

      You Are correct, the scumbags who run those sites should not be allowed to get away with the way they exploit someone who has already paid for their mistake. However, if you went on the website to view your abuser then you have the problem. Why would you put yourself through that. Why would you want to look at your abuser. You make no sense. Quite frankly you are an idiot! And your grammar sucks!

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