Important Decision from Oklahoma

An Oklahoma Supreme Court opinion on June 25 stated that the Oklahoma Department of Corrections officials have been violating the Oklahoma Constitution by retroactively applying a 2007 state law which increased the time former sex offenders had to remain listed on the sex offender registry.

The court ruling of 6-2 is going to lead to a significant number of people who will be able to move on with their lives, as they felt should have been the case for a long time. In accordance with the case of Starkey v. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections and Justin Jones as Director, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is reviewing all registrants on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry and will be removing offenders that are determined to be subject to the opinion.

A Court Order will not be required for removal of offenders that are subject to the holding in the Starkey case, according to a a release posted on the Oklahoma DOC website. Actual numbers are not definite, but it could run into the hundreds, and possibly even into the thousands.

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4 Thoughts to “Important Decision from Oklahoma”

  1. AvatarDi

    It’s about time. Murderers have better rights. Many of these people were not guilty of more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. please send the all cases on Starsky vs Oklahoma Department of Corrections and any cases on sex offenders thank you for your time.

  3. AvatarMichael

    In looking at the requirements in the state of Oklahoma for the registry, it states that anyone moving into the state has to start all over again. Does this not seem like double jeopardy? I have been on the registry for close to 8 years at a level one in a different state, and if I move into the state of Oklahoma it would now be a 22 year sentence. Do I have this correct?

  4. AvatarJerry

    Whom do contact to have my case looked at?

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