Sometimes I just hate being right

I thought I was through with Halloween; it seems that Halloween is not through with me.

For several weeks now, this has been my message wherever I could possibly find a place to put it:

Increased risk from sex offenders on Halloween: NONE. No instance can be found of a child being molested or bothered by a registered offender in connection with Halloween. Studies find zero increased risk.

Risk from poisoned or tampered-with candy or fruit: NONE. The only instance of poisoned Halloween candy was in the ’70’s when a father poisoned his own children’s Halloween candy in order to collect their insurance.

Increased risk from auto/pedestrian accidents: TWO TO FOUR TIMES. Children are two to four times more likely to be killed by such accidents on Halloween than any other day of the year.

So law enforcement, if any are reading this: We don’t want you checking whether registrants have their lights on or not or x-raying candy. We want you on traffic patrol.

From the 50 or 60 headlines that responded to my search engine Friday morning, no one paid attention. Every one was a variant of, “Police protect trick or treaters; keep registered sex offenders at bay.”

What a shame.

Five children were killed by vehicles while trick or treating Thursday evening.

According to a report covering five years summarized in USA Today, “…an average of 2.2 children are killed in pedestrian accidents from 4 to 10 p.m. on Halloween, compared with one child every other evening at the same time.”

And this year five were killed.

I thought long and hard about writing this. I am still thinking long and hard about posting it, but I am almost sure that I will. I asked myself, “If five children had been assaulted by someone on the registry on Halloween, would it be in the news?” We all know the answer to that. If one child had been assaulted by someone on the the registry, it would be all over the news. But, apparently, just as in every previous year, no registrant took advantage of Halloween to stalk and molest a child trick or treating. The results are the same in the many jurisdictions and the states where no restrictions are placed against registered offenders regarding Halloween as well as the places where restrictions were in place.

And for the lives of five precious children lost, we mourn, and we pray for comfort for their families, and we say, “Rest in peace, Erica (SC), Autumn (GA), and Shane (TN). ” We say, “Rest in peace, little ones from Texas and from Nevada whose names are not yet publicized.”

Rest in peace.

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2 Thoughts to “Sometimes I just hate being right”

  1. Don’t you just hate a law that says a registered sex offender can’t pass out candy on Halloween. When his or her probation or time is up they should be free to do what they want to do. I have to cringe and grit my teeth at this as I do with the sex registry. None of it is God based and at best fleshy and condemns man for most or all of his life. The people that made this registry and the rules never had God in there hearts to start, if they had they would love one another and learn to forgive but are Proud of there little bondage against man. God does not hold his people in bondage. Weather one celebrates Halloween or not keeping someone from there right is there Sin.

    1. AvatarAA Rahman

      I am living the life of an outsider, scharlotte letter on my head now 11 years and its rough for me to say the least.
      Sometime i get caught thinking that i deserve this type of treatment then i wake up and say….wtf

      I have mental breakdowns related to frustration of the whole thing but can’t get the help in need because….you know…i don’t exist.

      Im looking for housing and a career. Living under the previous circumstances makes it seemingly impossible.

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