Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation

For Immediate Release
December 2, 2013

Cambridge, MA–The city of San Antonio, Texas has, for the past few months and in spite of calls for evidence that it is needed, been moving along legislation to ban registered sex offenders from living close to a city park, entering one, or even walking too slowly past one.

The official language reads as this: An Ordinance amending City Code Chapter 22 by creating a new Article XI, entitled “Park Safety Zones”, to prohibit registered sex offenders from having a permanent or temporary residence within 1000 feet of a City park, prohibiting their entry in City parks, and prohibiting loitering within 300 feet of City parks; and adopting penalties for violations.

This is not directed only at those on parole or some other form of supervision. This is, in violation of constitutional protection, directed at all on the registry. It will not be applicable only going forward but will, ex post facto, be applied to every registered citizen within the city limits and registered visitors to the city.

The measure will be heard by the City Council Thursday, December 5.

Texas Voices for Reason and Justice, a state affiliate of National Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. (RSOL) has attended every hearing and presented facts and evidence showing that these sorts of restrictions have no correlation with public safety. In fact, these sorts of restrictions interfere with the goal of the criminal justice system for rehabilitation and are correlated with negative consequences that destabilize registered citizens and can lead to decreased public safety.

According to Mary Sue Molnar, director of Texas Voices, in a earlier interview, “We have people on the sex-offender registry for doing nothing more than spending the night with a girl they thought was 16 or making a one-time mistake 20 years ago. These people have families and have children. They use the city parks just like any family does.”

These restrictions will apply to the Romeo adjudicated in the past at age 18 for his romance with his 15-year-old high school sweetheart.

These restrictions will prohibit the 50-year-old businessman, adjudicated 25 years ago and fully rehabilitated, from taking his grandchildren to any city park in San Antonio.

These restrictions will require that the citizens on the registry as juveniles, some adjudicated at ages ten and eleven, as well as those whose crimes of offense were misdemeanors, to never again visit San Antonio’s famed River Walk.

Before ordinances are passed that will severely affect and limit the lives of all of San Antonio’s registered citizens, the city should be required to produce evidence that a problem exists needing relief and further show evidence that the relief will come through legislation such as this.

San Antonio has consistently failed to do this. Texas Voices and RSOL demand that they do so.

someone outside of NARSOL

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18 Thoughts to “Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation”

  1. Avatarshannon c.brown

    I need help immediately.I have been registering for the last 12 years and I been charged with failing to register my address when I got evicted but I was still sleeping at my addressbecause I had no where else to go to. Going trial without attorney please help me. I have many people to vouch for my character.I’m in bible college I have raised a 13 year old young lady many daughter.I’ve never committed a sex offense in south offense happened in Ohio 16 years ago and I would no longer have to register if I still lived in Ohio.please help me stay free.I have a job and a place and a fiance …

  2. Avatarwill

    What is this place coming to?
    People need to wake up… Not everybody is a crazy sex freak thats running around raping and killing women and children. Thats the move ”The skulls”. There is going be issues between male and female, its natural… However raping a person or sexual assaulting a child is not natural and those are things that would and should be addressed. However labeling someone a sex offender is putting everyone with that nature of crime in to one category of a type of human being that a person will be percevied as which is not only unjust but judgmental. Everyone his the right to live free or die trying. If the person that did the crime served and did the time, then who has the right to take away a persons freedom just because the nature of a past crime. That is discrimination! On top of that, now that your labeled you cant work, eat, move , run, drive, buy, type, say, do, go, watch or just be around curtain if not all people, places, and things anymore, by law at that! This is something if anything you should give to a person or persons that is labeled enemy of the state but still have the right buy law to live in such state, country, etc..
    Are we enemy of the state? Will sex offenders be a target for the drones that hovers over us night and day looking for terrorist, spies, etc..?
    I am not a terrorist, nor enemy of the state or enemy to my american people or any people at that… I made a mistake ones or twice in my life that i wish i can take back, but i cant. So the best thing for me to do is learn from my mistake and never do it again. Because when your truly sorry you will never do such a act again, no matter what. So as for me i am truly sorry but that does not cut it. To truly be forgiven i will have to show you i changed mentally and physically. But to do that society must give me a chance, i must be open and exposed to all type of different outputs to change my way of thinking. That having the same, if not better “if warranted by law” (programs,workshops, treatment,employment, etc..) opportunity in society that everybody else have in being all that one could and should be.

    If thats the case then labeling someone a sex offender is techniclly in fact against the law. Because this is a discrimination tactical solution, and anything that has a element and or nature of such when coming to judge anything if not all thing considered under the ruling thumb of the law of the land should be subjected to be cancelled out when inclined to take judgment.

    I say all that to say this….. A person cant change unless that person wants to change. And a person that want to change cant change when the society that that person live in not only don’t want to help, but put road blocks up when that person is looking for a chance to change.
    If your not going to help, then at least move out of the way.

    1. There are all kinds of sex crimes and just like any other crime are moral issues. Yes one can change. A mistake can be corrected but one has to correct himself as you said in your comment. All these sex fears that are instilled in peoples minds are their opinions and they would rather throw away the key and lock them up for life. I have to say that these law’s are foolishness in man’s wisdom and they themselves lack a changed heart. They are still hard and selfish in there pride to themselves. They don’t understand about forgiving and caring for there neighbor. They have turned there backs to their God of understanding. Weather it be the Walsh law or Megan’s law it seems to never end. These victims in sex offenses are branded for life and its ashamed that a United States like this is servicing the Creature and not seeking out the God of understand. I’m sure He would castrate the lot of them that turned their backs on him.. That my friend appears to be exactly what is happening today with these unjust laws.

      Shame on the United States for making people suffer with this inhuman plan they have placed on the sex offender. Crime is Crime and once you do your time such as any other crime it should be blotted out. The United States won’t admit their faults, nobody wants to admit there faults as that makes them weak in their faith. If one is human they admit there faults or else they have pride in themselves. Making and writing up these laws’ amounts to their pride and their inability to understand there own self.

      But give the people what they want, with these laws everybody is happy says the law… We make money, make the people, oppress the people and at the same time provide justice. Sounds moth eaten doesn’t it, well that’s the way Government looks at it today and society that still has a harden heart.

      I wish this message would get to the hearts of every American Citizen that stands up for all those under this curse of the sex registry.

    2. AvatarAA Rahman

      I totally agree with your comment..What can i do as someone always under the thumb?

    3. Here is what you can do to help, First have a God Centered Commitment, get the churches involved in this immoral issue, pray for the enemy, send letters to local representatives of your state or county. Let the body of Christ people let them know that God is still in Control. Be bold in your conviction for those in bondage, that can’t get a job or are told where they can live because of children’s concerns. God gives love and understand what does America give to its people that are still in bondage?

      Let the agency’s know that people in the United States still serve God and look for justice not human suffering. Man’s justice is out of control when they go against the bible and promote sexuality immorality such as gay rights, marriages, and filthy things of that sort and yet condemn the sex offender that is branded for life even after his time is served.Don’t you know the gay person is branded for life also and that comes from Gods’ word in the bible,

      God’s people would never promote gay or gay rights but yet they promote the sex registry seems to be a more just cause. Wo to those on capital hill that support these ungodly laws.

      Each and every one of you all that has a loved one under this sex registry and want a change in America. flood the offices with phone calls or mail their representatives and vote, when election comes for those that have a solid Christian God centered background. When they took pray out of school all the United States went wrong. Abraham Lincoln would roll over in his grave.. for he is the one that gave us a day of pray in the school’s and look at the schools now and everything else.

      As you can see that this United States does not have a God centered background and our leaders need to understand that we are sick and tired of it. I am going to do my share will you.

    4. AvatarAA Rahman

      I just found this website and if it were up to me i would ask those who monitor offenders ,,,”have they continued to harm others?” If they answer is no then isn’t the punishment suppose to be based on a crime or some type of violation?
      If the answer is still no then ….i am in my 11th year of registering..whats the crime?
      I regret my past and and thought the 10 years i spent inside, trying to stay alive and a virgin.
      People may not understand what life has been like.
      Giving up is Not an option…yet!

    5. AvatarJoey

      I am in my 15th year of registering. I was convicted of rape and adultery in the military. I was convicted 1-19-1995. I was released in 1999. Since my release I reentered society full force. I am now a project manager for a global consulting firm. I have had lunches with the Governor and campaign commercials with Congressmen. I still have to register. I work regularly with the state, county and city police on my projects. I work for the local and state governments also. Everyone that needs to know about my conviction does and they don not judge. Comments that everyday people who know me say ” Wow I would of never guessed that about you, I don’t care because we know you now”.That being said what the heck. My case is a federal case because of the military and only the president can provide me with clemency. In truth all I want is my right to vote, not have to register twice a year (keep me on the registry, It doesn’t hurt me or my career, I don’t want to waste time by going to the sheriffs department to listen to some crappy audio and sign the same paper I have done twice a year for the last 15 years) and carry a firearm. I am an avid hunter and want to be able to take my boys rifle hunting instead of just the archery season my conviction allows. My question is when is it enough, I have proven I am more of a productive citizen than when I was convicted at the young age of 21.

  3. AvatarBeverly Kisling

    Colorado convicts 10 year olds. What is wrong with this. They allow hearsay as evidence. In other words, if I am 20 and accused by someone from when I was 10 I am convicted.

  4. Avatarmichael pride

    I am a registed sex offender and I have been registering for 12 yrs now. I went to my yearly registration on the 4 th of feb2014 and was informed that I have to find anew place to live because there is a day care center on the next block but that day care center has been there since I’ve lived here and that has been 11 yrs now. I only have until 2015 to register and I feel that the powers that be has thrown some mix in the game because they know that I’m unemployed and that I cannot afford to find another place to live. I am united states army vet and I fighting to get my veterans disability. I only have 30 days to find me a place to live. if anyone know of any legal way I can fight this please contact me as soon as possible at my email address ( I would like to take this time to thank you for your much valued assistance in this matter.

    1. AvatarRobert Curtis

      The Sex Offender Registry is a LIVING DEATH it is Evil and it is Wrong. Why? Because at the whim of any politician looking to be re-elected they can add more and more punitive measures Ex Post-facto to the registrants requirements. Remember these citizens after doing probation, therapy and time served have a re-offense rate of only 1.9% according to the latest Department of justice report. To be for such a thing as the sex offender registry is extremely Unconstitutional. If someone is so bad they have to be on some kind of online hit-list then why are they even amongst us. Whom am I? I’m a registrant that was convicted of a misdemeanor not involving a child over 14 years ago years ago. I have been featured in OC Parenting Magazine in 2006 received a US Congressional award for community service for helping cancer patients and the homeless. I was a salon owner and hairstylist. These citizen are like me they are good citizens and parents. Don’t believe the hype. Watch my presentation before the OC Supervisor on 05/08/12 (click video, scroll down to public comments I’m the first presenter:

  5. Avatarchris

    Sex offender registry gives such a false sense of security anyway! Ok, for those who would buy into the belief that sex offenders are all bad and will re-offend They know the face of every registered offender near them… and that is what the sites are suppose to be for.. however the offenders also know they are on the sites and being watched. So if there was one of the 1.9% offenders who were planning to re-offend, do you really think they will do so where they know they are being watched and can easily be identified? No, they will do so some place else. Now some my say well at least they aren’t committing a sex crime to me or in my area. True but where do you think the very few offender of the 1.9% that may re-offend from that area or other areas are going to go? Do you know every registered sex offender in a 50 Mile radius? How about a 100 or more? The registry doesn’t Just punish the rehabilitated offender it actually makes for a less informed public with a false sense of security, and a smarter re-offender, if that is the case! And of coarse most sex crimes are first time offences vs a re-offender anyway so again what good does the registry do?

  6. AvatarEric K.N.

    I have been on the registry for 2 and a half years. While on probation I was not able to find a job but kept hope that I would be able to have more success when I got off probation. I completed my 2 years of probation, and sex offender treatment and moved to another State (high employment rate). 200 employment applications, and 15 job interviews later I am still unemployed. I was perfect for the job every time, explained the situation, and provided and extensive list of character references for the employer with friends and family contacts.

    I used the internet to download porn, quite a bit was child pornography that I would close out immediately, I was using a file sharing software to download movies and music so my charge was labeled sexual exploitation. The charge makes it sound like I was a freak taking pictures in a basement and selling them on the street. I made a mistake, I should of thrown my computer in the fire once I realized what I accidentally downloaded, but didn’t take it seriously.

    I understand suicide is not an answer and while I am in a rational state of mind now, the pressure and stress make it harder and harder to hold on to any kind of rationality and I am coming out of my gloom by the skin of my teeth and I only see it getting worse instead of better. Sex offender laws are getting worse and more unconstitutional. Employers that want to hire you can’t, because of insurance. Background checks are so inexpensive that a sex offender will never clear it to get a job. I think my last ditch effort will be applying for veterans disability, if that fails I will have no options, no hope, no relief, nothing left.

    A small minority of sex offenders are doing great and I applaud you. You guys and ladies caught a break. Hopefully I can find the strength to hold on, I am not a bad person, I made a mistake, I accept it, but if society can never accept me, well, I am not strong enough.

    1. AvatarMichael

      I have a similar back story; I used ‘Ares’ and did some blind downloads, DA didn’t care that legitimate images outnumbered illicit 1000:1 and ‘Sexting’ was front page news on jury selection day. My home state laws have changed since I have been on the registry and my time is perpetually getting longer… first it was register for 10 and now it is 15. If I consider relocation I have another state’s laws I have to learn. Knowing that someone that made a stupid mistake is just another pushpin on a map with a serial rapist is very unsettling, but that is the public sees and reacts as if they are one and the same. It is a very unnerving position to be in, and hopefully it is just a matter of time before someone in power realizes the un-justness of the whole thing… Keep your head up… you are not alone.

    2. AvatarDrew E.


      I am the father a a 27 year old young man who was arrested and convicted of child porn charges. His arrest happened in September, 2010. It is almost 4 years later, he is back at home with us, working, completing his probation, and finishing college. He does have some opportunities waiting for him when he graduates. Please hang in there. Eventually someone will see the goodness in your spirit and an opportunity will come your way.


    3. AvatarDan

      Hang in there I’m in the same position as you I made a mistake 2 years ago, I’m on probation and now and haven’t violated even once but here In PA they set you up for failure. I haven’t been able to find a job either I was offered a job I was perfect for but once the background check came back the offer was withdrawn. I also pray that soon someone of importance will see the unjustness and change it. I try not to lose hope, hold on and I pray for an answer soon

  7. AvatarMartin

    I have been thinking about moving to Mason, OHIO but I don’t know anything about their registration laws and what all I have to do once I’m registered. I looked it up on the internet but all I saw was a POST about Tiers I-III. What are those all about? Here in Texas I’m considered a Med Risk Offender, what would that be in Ohio? If anybody has any info they can share with me It would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Avatarcorey

    My brother was deferred adjudcated on a rape charge. His real sin was being poor and uneducated at the time. He completed his 10 year probation and at that time got married and received his degree in accounting. For 14 years he had a good job, a tri- level home with a wife and three kids. He did not have to register after he completed his probation. In reality it wasn’t even a rape it was a woman he saw every weekend, but at his refusal to get married to her she yelled out rape. At this time he had just entered college. He was 21 and is now 61. After 14 years of marriage his wife meta 17 year old and there was a divorce. My brother was devistated for he lost his home and wanted his kids. The ex gave him the kids for a year thenshe decide to move from Texas to Kansas with the kids and her now 18 year mate. My brother turned to drinking, losing his job and going to prison for DUI’S. He was released and it was difficult to get a job. Accounting jobs for the DUU’S and the menials jobs for expoitation of his education. He had to settle for only working during tax season in a tax office. Then politicians came up with the law of all S O’s having to register.The Parole Board decided to make him register and go to sex offender classes after a non conviction for it was a deferred adjudication. Well who wants to hire anyone that has to attend classes everyMonday? Then he met a woman who was asked by the Parole Officer, (do you know that he is a rapist? ), these men are not helped to rehabilitate by the Justice system or by society. They area actually set up for failure. This where they make their money, by means of returning offenders into the system. The Justice system wants to keep offenders institutionalized. This such an unjust country. The US has more people in the prisons more than any other country. Now the Republicans are getting wealthier with private prisons. Like one of the other commentators on this forum, my brother finally received his VA disability for his tour during the Viet Nam war. How can we help men like my brother who has to register after a 31 year charge which was never repeated. I am all for child molestors to register for life if judged with true evidence, for there some children that will lie on a whim of anger at the defendant. With DNA testing before judged. Being a retired teacher I can’t stomach a true child molestor For that matter rapist who kill should never be allowed of prisons. I believe that people who are arrested for drugs or alcohol should be sent to rehabilitation centers and not prisons. Send the child molestirs and murderers to prisons. Because the rich and famous are not sent to prison for they have the funds to go to a rehab center. Like your ex-president George Bush who only receive a slap on the hand for cocaine and alcohol use. Beyond that he was selected to be your President. The US does discriminate a lot , not onky by race but also by economic status. People wake and see what is happening to the US as a Society. Allow these non-repeated offender have life and don’t take their identity and self-respect by making them register for life unless they are child molestors and repeaters.

  9. AvatarFrani

    The Snares the the Politician’s created to make society feel safe, has been an illusion and has snared the Politician’s in return as they too have family’s, teen’s, relatives that are not angel’s and it will entrap them due to the injustice. Also the heresay law will bring down the lawmaker’s as this has made it easy for any teen that is use to having their way and can not, point a finger at a teacher, businessman, professional, law enforcement, employer, etc. Look at all the Sex scandals going on with certain Governor’s, Presidents, should they not also be on this list since it is a sex crime? Why is it being reported that a 19 year old is visiting the White House around Obama’s teen daughter of 16 years of age I think if I heard the news correctly. I assure you that none and I do mean NONE of the great lawmakers were Virgin’s during the prom, or have relatives that are Virgin’s, yet they imprison the young adults, then speak Safe sex… Nearly anyone that know’s anyone that has a sex offender, could easily do a hearsay to any of the lawmaker’s as well and not even be on the sex offender list, turn the tables so too speak and that is why I said they have set their own trap. Corrupted system. Then the adacity to ask one of us to vote for them!! Oh get your vote in, vote for me, and I ask myself why vote for you to put stiffer laws on US as you took us from having a date or an intamate encounter, the teen got ticked off once you find out they lied about their age, then they cry Rape, so your suddenly from a intamate lover, to a person that is a Woman so it is hard for a Woman to rape a Man, so they plea bargain with you, NOT fight for you but threaten you with 5 years unless you say I did it but they do not take into consideration the teen lied about his age, so you now a indicent liberty with a minor, do your probation, do your time, get off on good behavior, then Low and Behold, they hit ya with changing the Constitutional rights, slap you with a Double Jeapardy law that you can not fight and put you from a never being on the registry to a three tier, because your considered the 17 year old male’s caretaker!! For the Love of God who gets anyone to baby sit a 17 year old male that is already dating older woman, and lieing about his age too? Too many teens lie to get a way from home, to many teens lie and get away with it and it is never looked into for after all your guilty before your innocent now and they know it and it is also with some adults following the same path when they are mad at their superiors or get fired ect. And of course it is your lawyer that you had hired for other things that prosecutes you, unethical I think. And you don’t even see a jury for some as you have by this time had a mental breakdown, your children are immediately taken from you, in the slammer you go and people say you did the crime do the time girl…. odd they are now facing the same and want mercy now. Twenty years I have dealt with this and all due to the fact I dated a minor that I did not know was a minor until after the fact, a real manipulator. You tell the truth and this is what you get, they tell a lie and this is what you get. President Clinton signed the bill and what do ya know, He did not have sex with that woman! But he had Oral sex which is considered illegal in most states but is he on the list? If they are going to put a person on that that takes a leak or that tells a woman she is sexy, or whatever their poor definitions are, then Clinton and Monica should be on there as well for that was a sex offence act for they consider sex offence is sex offence so if that is the case, be fair and adultery is a sex offence, fornicating, it should go on there too since they have made it all about sex and used US who have never had a corrupted record before and have never ever had a record of any sort sence, save a few. It is all politics, it is not about saving the children, the real Predator is out there and clever and never gets caught for the family are afraid to tell and is always to mentally manipulated by family members to come out with truth. My Step Dad did it to me all my life, my real dad to my sister’s, I go and and make a innocent mistake and am intamate with a guy that knew more than most men at 30 and lies to me about his age. what a joke, all young men dream of getting with a pretty older woman that has a car so they can ride and ride and when the truth comes out and its taken away, OMG She raped me!! Here come the Police, ask you if you have been with him, you not knowin better say Well yeah, why?, then Snap your jerked up, and hauled off. She is a repeated pattern of what her Father’s are they say… Sorry I am not. I stay alone and to myself, my life of 20 years or really 22 years is gone, all due to a lie, and election season, a attorney that was already mine that prosecuted me and a heard of lawmakers that I firmly stand in Moses shoe’s saying, “let my people go!” Until they do what is right, all the lawmakers, governor’s, so forth will be in some sex scandal until they let us go. Most of us are only guilty of telling the truth, not because we got caught with our pants down, a snare….. We will be free one day, God is with Us he will See to this and he is already showing progress by pointing out the wonderful scandal’s that we see on TV involving Sex of the Master’s of the Universe… Hold ya’lls head’s high…… and anyone that judges the post please take care, you could easily be next… never say never.

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