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CURE is an organization that advocates for prison and criminal justice reform and prisoners’ rights for all affected. Their stance on sexual offense issues and the registry is identical to that of RSOL. Their Florida chapter put this on their site. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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6 Thoughts to “From Florida CURE”

  1. Avatarfeeddie anderson

    I was convicted at 18 years 22 years ago now 40 years old ,ans never being envoulved in this type of crime,when are we concidered rehabilitated?

  2. AvatarMike

    I also am a sex offender. I was 18 when it happened, and had consensual sex with my girlfriend at the time who was 16. However they say she was 15 even though I have proof she was 16 and she admitted she was 16, therefor the jack and Jill law does not apply.

    After 30 years we can be petitioned to be removed from the registry.

  3. AvatarGabriel

    For the state of Florida, 25 years you can petition to be removed from the registry however after 10 years you can apply for a full pardon. Since I’m assuming you have been on the registry for 22 years, I would get hold of an attorney and look into the full pardon process.

    1. AvatarWD

      Florida Registration Is Life

      F.S. 943.0435

  4. AvatarMike

    Why is Connecticut not part of this? They are in violation of the law regarding a supreme court ruling mandating a security assessment committee be in place. That has never been functional and was no longer a committee since 2010. I am sure I’m missing some of the pieces but I assure you they are in violation of the supreme courts ruling.

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