“We have to say you can’t go out and kill sex offenders, but . . . you really should”


This opinion piece masquerading as a public safety announcement has mastered the art of double-speak to a high degree.

The stated purpose of the piece is to inform their reading public that they will be publishing names and information on all registrants who move into the community. Yeah, they know that the info is available online and through the DPS and even to people’s computers if they sign up, but they want to be sure they cover any gap, all in the interest of public safety, of course.

Really? After quoting the standard warning from the website about not using the information to injure or harass, this is their take on it: “In other words, just because you might know there is a convicted sexual offender in your neighborhood, it doesn’t mean you have the right to take the law into your own hands.”

Take the law into your own hands—why? Because someone lives in your neighborhood?

And now the seed is planted. Being a convicted sexual offender, regardless of how rehabilitated, regardless of how law abiding a life is being lived now, regardless of how long ago the offense was, regardless of potential danger to children or other family members, is a reason for someone to “take the law” into his hands. What does that even mean, “take the law”? Surely we can hope that the law doesn’t bully the children of registrants or egg their houses or beat them up or shoot at their cars for no reason whatsoever or ambush them and kill them.

Emboldened now, the article continues, “Many people wonder how the justice system can release predators and pedophiles back into society. Many of us wish they could be locked up forever or sent to an island somewhere … or even more drastic measures be taken.” Even more drastic measures…like bullying children, egging houses….committing murder?

Then, in an attempt to justify their thinly disguised attempts to encourage vigilantism, they continue: “We don’t condone any extralegal actions, though we don’t believe the judicial system is designed to adequately address the problems of sex offenders in society,” and, “Despite how heinous the nature of their crimes might be, they have to be given the chance to prove they can hew to the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, many people with these deviant predilections never reform…”

Even a child could translate this: “The law just turns them loose and doesn’t know how to deal with them, so it’s up to us…they aren’t ever going to change.”

Even if that were true, even if statistical evidence did not abound that, once charged and punished, only a very small percentage of former sexual offenders will commit another sexual offense, the nastiness that seeps through every word of this article is the same sort of nastiness that left two little boys in Washington State without a father and took the life of a wife along with her registered husband in South Carolina and has swept and is still sweeping our nation like a blight, aided and facilitated by a hit list called the public sex offender registry.

And finally, for those of their readers who may have a few compunctions about picking on kids or vandalizing houses or attacking neighbors with baseball bats: “While you are legally restricted from harassing them, we don’t think a friendly reminder that we are watching is out of the question.”

Other than really, really wanting their definition of “friendly,” I wish they would at least look at the research showing that, along with housing and employment, community support for former offenders is essential in creating conditions that keep re-offense at its lowest and public safety at its highest. I mean, after all, this whole thing is about public safety….right?

Ironically, the title of this piece of writing is “Remaining Vigilant.” Thanks to it, registrants struggling to build law-abiding lives and keep themselves and their children and families fed and with roofs over their heads now have another reason to be constantly vigilant for those who would harm them, their property, or their lives.

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7 Thoughts to ““We have to say you can’t go out and kill sex offenders, but . . . you really should””

  1. AvatarLevi

    This doesn’t amaze me too much and just further demonstrates humanity’s lack of humanity. Ever wonder how so many Jews were killed in the holocaust, natives killed with poison blankets,slaves beat on plantations, witches burnt, or maybe Asians placed in American concentration camps? This is how. I still have a letter from the Michigan internal investigations unit describing how a Michigan State trooper was caught on a stormy dark night peeping in windows on two pre-teen age girls in their bedrooms getting dressed and how it was perfectly acceptable for this pervert in uniform and how he is “one of the finest” because the address also is home to a registered offender.. The statement is clear ounce on the registry it is acceptable for any pervert or sick demented uniformed trash to sexually harass or harm even your family or anyone unlucky enough to know you..

  2. AvatarCarolina Light Worker

    Very disappointing to me for N.C my home State to make such a comment. I have been living in S.C since 1969 but have all intentions to moving back to N.C in the near future. My main project when I become financially able is to fight all these laws with many law suits against the Federal & States. We are all one. Ever one makes mistakes and uses poor judgement. We are all one. We should all live together in Love.

  3. Its as if people have a crystal ball and can predict what a person on the sex registry is all about or that person that comes out of prison is all about. No one can predict human nature. So maybe we should just kill them all! Do you think man is killing man in all this Sex Registry hype? Those that don’t have to worry about it can eat, drink, and be merry and give them the strictest penalty’s they can.
    Sure people would like to kill or get rid of the sex offender but one has to really think about the sex offender better than themselves. Are you no better than that person just because you never got caught. The think about everyone of these post’s on here is it is man’s wisdom and understanding about the sex offender. Did you all ever think about using God’s principals in any of these affairs. God would not be pleased in any of this. Seek God’s advice and than let governments know that they are wrong and they need a bit more Christian understanding.

  4. AvatarGary

    Now I have read a lot of this trash and my question is this: if they print or transmit any names does that not leave them open to some form of lawsuit? It seems to me we need to fight back against this kind of reckless media. We are all living here in the US, land of the free, or at least it used to be.

  5. AvatarDan

    In NC if you are caught peeing out doors you are a sex offender. Once you are labeled, the police also have been known for sweeping their desk off on the offenders. They do this because they know the defense lawyer really can’t defend them. Next thing you know you are wearing a device on your ankle. You are ranked with the worst of the worst for the rest of your life. It has been taken too far and needs to change. A violent SO is one thing. But these laws lump everyone into one big pile.

  6. AvatarRudolph@theCircus

    Levi, I think concentration camps or life in prison for ALL sex offenders may be right around the corner. Precursors to that would be 1. The complete, official constitutional “exempting” of all sex offenders. I doubt sex offenders would even NOTICE that one. Like psychiatric ward patients, they are already constitutionally “exempt.” 2. Even MORE onerous residency restrictions. Ones that will force registrants out of cities and towns, causing a mass “exodus” where hundreds of thousands of sex offenders will be forced to set up camp far out into the countryside as they will be banned from entire COUNTIES!!! ( In which case, they would be reduced to starvation while camped out in the middle of NO-WHERE right along the edges of county lines!!! ) When ( not if, but “when!” ) that happens, you can expect legislation for lifetime imprisonment ( or internment camps )for ALL sex offenders ( regardless how “slight” the offense! ) to be passed soon thereafter! Far as I can tell, it’s just a matter of “time.” Far fetched, you say? Oh I REALLY don’t think so. The Japanese didn’t think it could happen to them. Neither did the Jews. Neither did the accused witches of Salem. And if a law was indeed passed sending any and all sex offenders back to prison for life, It would no doubt be to the tune of “thunderous applause!!!” After all, isn’t that how liberty DIES?!?!?
    Anybody remember the days ( the year 1952 to about year 1996-98 ) when teen and adolescent sex was still considered “COOL???” Not no more!!!! Them days are gone for GOOD!!!!!

    1. AvatarRudolph@the Circus

      As a result of the already existing paranoia and subsequent laws, parents almost unanimously “helicopter” their kids!!! Everybody now views the world through “rape colored lenses.” When parents see an old public park, when it comes to their kids, they automatically start thinking about “Criminal Minds!” In the FACE of all this witch-hunting, paranoia, and frivolous accusations, Lenora Skenazi ( ? ) has a lot of NERVE to continue her “Free Range Kids” program! She has been called a “pedophile enabler” many times. What she is doing ( sticking up for children’s independence ) is very courageous considering that it could end up getting her killed or thrown in jail.

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