A new study–a new question

–by Lisa Sample & Danielle Bailey; University of Nebraska….”Sexual re-offending remains a media, public, and legislative concern, so it is important to not only ask why some reoffend, but also to ask why most sex offenders do not, which is this study’s purpose.”



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5 Thoughts to “A new study–a new question”

  1. AvatarChan-Li

    People have a right not to want child sexual predators at places meant for children. There are plenty of people who will offend thus not raping children isn’t a big issue with a healthy adult. Plenty of adults have never made the mistakes as sex ual offenders.If you all support Sexual offenders then you open business and hire them and allow them to use your kids so they don’t come for ours. Funny the article acts like childhood sexual abuse is okay however the punishment of their crimes “breaks up families”.

    Additionally rape, molestation, sex with a minor, etc is illegal which is why it is reported. I have no problem with a non-offending pedophiles getting therapy and help. However when the law is broken you must report. If not it will lead to years of abuse and will ruin a generation of kids. Making rape illegal is also scary for the victim. I know it is hard, but could you imagine living/seeing/interacting with the person who raped you? Seeing how they never went to jail? Fear they may sexual abuse you or your child again?I know y’all don’t see sexual abuse as a crime/bad, especially if the child “agreed”, “nothing happened”, seriously but their are major consequences for the child.

    here is how the mantory report laws describe sexual abuse:
    •Sexual abuse means either committing or allowing any sexual offense against a child as defined in criminal code. This includes: •Intentional touching, either directly or through the clothing, the sexual or other intimate parts of a child or, •Allowing or causing a child to engage in touching the sexual or other intimate parts of another for the purpose of sexual gratification of the person touching the child, the child, or a third party.
    •Prostitution; •Sexually explicit, obscene, or pornographic activity to be photographed, filmed, or electronically reproduced or transmitted; or •Sexually explicit, obscene, or pornographic activity as part of a live performance, or for the benefit or sexual gratification of another person.

    By not reporting you support the criminals and disenfranchise the chlld (the actual victim). You get rid of those laws means that you believe a child do not deserve protection. How can you be so heartless towards children of sexual abuse by dismissing their pain and trying to help the adult predator who knows better but still decided to do the crime. Children don’t deserve being sexual abused.

    If you don’t want to be charged with a crime dont commit one or allow someone else to commit crimes. This site acts as if adults don’t have self control, blame the child for being sexually abused, and despite knowing the laws adults are allowed to have “sex” with kids. My dogs have better training and self-control than these sex offenders.

    Like I said earlier if you have urges go get help. Don’t make excuses and go sexually abusing kids then ask for help.

    Removing these laws and watch the increase sexual abuse go up, kids with STDs/STIs, girls under 13 getting pregnant, children with sexual injuries, drug abuse, psychological disorders/distress, behavior/emotional problem, CP production and viewing, more people trying to “date” kids, and girls needing to go to the gyno before they turn 5 All these sexual offenders would have to do is cry mistake you believe they have changed and the cycle repeats.

    1. Avatarsandy

      Chan-Li, I very seldom respond on this forum, but I feel I must to your observations. I am frankly stunned at the conclusions you have reached. I wonder how much of our site you have looked at. RSOL never wants to cover up a crime. On the other hand, we believe that sexual crimes can be very damaging and we most definitely want them punished. We do not advocate for anyone to break laws or commit crimes. We do advocate for those who have committed crimes, been punished, and are trying to live law-abiding lives to be able to do so. According to follow-up studies and statistics in the states as well as at the federal level, that is somewhere around 95% of those on the registry, and that is what this study deals with. So much focus is put on the ones who do re-offend; this study suggests that we need to look instead at why the far greater number do not. And please realize that we did not do or write the study; we do agree with the authors; that is why we included it here.

      We believe that those at high risk to repeat a crime against a child should be monitored and have restrictions in place to help reduce that risk. We just as strongly want those whose offenses were not child related not be punished with the same restrictions. We want all measures taken to reduce child sexual abuse. Since almost all sexual abuse against children is at the hands of those they know well, those not already on the registry, we advocate for programs of education and prevention. We know that as long as huge budgets are allocated to upkeep of the public registry, which does nothing to prevent crime against children, the money will not be available for the sorts of programs that are needed, and that is frustrating to us. The children that need help are not getting it.

      Make no mistake, please; we do not make excuses for those who commit crimes. We do not want them to go unpunished. On the other hand, we want the punishment to fit the crime. We definitely want those who harm children to be reported, but we also want a stronger assurance of appropriate punishment coupled with appropriate treatment.

      Thank you for reading; please do not read into our blogs something that is not there. If you still have questions, contact me, Sandy, through our contact page. Thank you.

    2. AvatarTC Young

      Chan-Li, the reply by Sandy was well worded and very polite. I can’t hope to emulate her poignant response. You, my friend, are uninformed, ignorant, and one of the problems. Nowhere in any of the multitude of pages will you find ANYONE who condones, excuses or wishes for offenders to escape punishment or for laws to be modified to allow deviant behavior.

      You emphasize the need for laws to stop sexual exploitation of children while ignoring established constitutional laws for the treatment of offenders. That is the basis of this organization and those who follow it. There should be defined punishment that fits the crime at hand. When that punishment has concluded, that should be the end of it.

      If statistics supported the media and politician’s promulgations that sex offenders could not be reformed and are destined to re-offend, then we would have little to gain by searching for change. But, therein lies the problem. Statistics, from study after study, reveal that the vast majority (in excess of 95%) are caused by first time offenders. An insignificant number do re-offend. Therefore, the continued shaming and burdens placed on former offenders is misplaced.

      But it is ignorant individuals such as yourself who refuse to understand the core issue and rant and rave without knowledge who are the thorn in our sides. You try to fan the flames of other ignoramuses by spouting crap that is wholly unrelated to the issue. None of us wish harm or abuse to occur. Many of us did unwittingly cause harm and thoroughly regret it. We paid the price society asked us to pay, so why is our nose continually rubbed into the muck? You don’t treat other criminals who have caused harm this way… look at drug dealers whose damage is to many … and have a 69% recidivism rate… why isn’t there a public warning about these individuals. The whole purpose is to protect society isn’t it?

      Believing that all offenders crimes were committed against children is your first mistake. Believing that being on the registry involved sex abuse is another. But like the politicians, the truth is out of your reach, so it is easier to whip up the crowd with platitudes and lies.

  2. I wonder why I don’t reoffend. Probably because I’m not on the internet but I am. Now that’s probably tough to swallow but basically its not. You see these study’s are sometimes important and sometimes it is used as a measuring gauge of sorts. Sometimes I wish I had a real victim that way I would be more confident of myself but all that is stupid thinking. Life on the registry is harsh enough and sure I am glad that repeat offenders are down. American’s can have some peace knowing that the sex registry is helping but you see there’s the problem. Its the public registry as a whole. We might as well have a public registry of “Stonings as in the biblical times.
    One main point I would like to add is those caught up in this registry and did there time or are on probation do everything possible to keep themselves’ from triggers. I never even had a victim, some of those on the registry are in the same boat but it was their behavior that was a bit unacceptable to society and they somehow got caught up in all this or whatever the reason was.
    Now I’m not for the sex offender that actually goes out and rapes, kills, and murders for sexual gratification or the one that has a fetish for kids or teenagers. Adults should know better and most do that’s why they don’t reoffend. Sure your gone to have a few that may or may not reoffend but as a whole the bottom line is “Sins of the flesh”.
    Now how do we control sins of the flesh, were there’s a will there’s a way. The best controlling is to get back in church and let God help you thru this ordeal, but what if your always in church and this happens’, are you no better than the one without the church? Keeping one’s self from triggers is great and anything that would appear to stimulate that urge to reoffend and believe it or not one can reoffend for just forgetting to register or where caught drinking or spotted around a place where they not suppose to be. That doesn’t mean they had another victim but the police like to make things more glitzy for the public. That’s America for you in this day and who would like to be in bondage with the sex registry the rest of their lives.

  3. Avatarcharles

    I think someone needs to explain to Chan-Li that these in the US a thing called the United States Constitution. It is a simple document that spells out dos and don’ts (sic) for our laws. This document talks about things like Due Process, Equal Protection, Ex Post Facto/Bill of Attainder and Freedom of Religion and Free Speech. A Free Press even. These things protect the individual from arbitrary abuses by the Government; unfortunately there are those in th is Country stupid enough or foolish enough to believe that these Constitutional Rights should not apply to every citizen harkening back to an earlier, darker time in this Country’s history: Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, the Internment of 110,000 Japanese citizens during WWII. Would not Chan-Li feel betrayed if the law were to suddenly change to allow discrimination against anyone named Chan-LI? Yes, I think you would. With that in mind Chan-Li, how do think someone who has been tried, convicted, sentenced, served their prison time only to told after release from prison that they now must serve another sentence, a sentence of life time disenfranchisement, banishment, emasculation, Scarlet Lettered, Humiliation and more importantly, their family having to serve this same sentence with them? No Chan-Li, there are no proponents of sexual abuse of anyone so don’t believe the hype. There are only those who believe in preserving the Constutional Rights of all citizenss in this Country and that is what RSOL, and other organizations like it stands for.

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