Sex offenders and Halloween–will it ever stop?

Multiple choice: Has the number of “scare” articles about registrants at Halloween:

a) decreased in number over the years

b) increased in number

c) stayed approximately the same

d) fluctuated wildly from year to year.

See what this very informal, statistically unreliable, totally invalid bit of research discovered:

What do these four headlines have in common?

“Staying safe and avoiding sex offenders while trick or treating on Halloween”

“Sex Offenders in Colorado Can Open Doors on Halloween” (sub-text: and we’ve got to put a stop to that)

“Police out in force for Halloween; extra eye on sex offenders in Effingham”

“County sex offenders required to report on Halloween”

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2 Thoughts to “Sex offenders and Halloween–will it ever stop?”

  1. AvatarRon

    I feel that it is my right as anyone to avoid a group of people. If I do not want to be around Christians, pedophiles then I should choose that. If you want more rights stop forcing people to accept you. Just create your own space. I think pedophiles should create their own jobs, neighborhoods, etc.

    1. Avatarphreaque

      Make Christians register so you can avoid them and take away their rights too.

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