SEX OFFENDERS should not be allowed to purchase lottery tickets; they just might win

By Shelly Stow . . .

If proof were ever needed that an individual, once listed on a sex offender registry, no matter for what offense nor how long ago, is forever more thereafter considered unworthy of anything good ever happening in his life, this is it.

A registrant in Florida won a three million dollar scratch-off lottery, and the wrath of every hater in the United States and then some was raised beyond the boiling point.

Now granted, Timothy Poole is no poster boy for righteous living. He has a somewhat extensive record for other types of crimes committed before he was convicted of a sex offense. But it is not because of his larceny nor any of the other crimes that the hue and cry is heard from coast to coast that he should, by any means possible, be denied his winnings. It is because he is a SEX OFFENDER.

Florida has no prohibition against any convicted felon profiting from lottery winnings, not even SEX OFFENDERS. I am currently making book that Florida’s next legislative session will see a bill introduced that will do just that. The only uncertainty is whether the proposed legislation will target those with any felony conviction or will focus only on SEX OFFENDERS.

Mr. Poole, since his release from prison in 2006, has maintained a record as spotless as the proverbial driven snow. He works for the family business, a taxi company, and he plans to use the money to help his mother and improve the business. None of that quashed the flood of outrage or deterred the cesspool of nasty headlines, articles, and commentary as to why he should not receive the money and how inherently wrong it is for him to have won it to begin with.

Among the more colorful headlines are, “Who’s winning big in state lotteries? Sex offenders,” “People Left Wondering About Justice When Child Molester in Florida Hits the $3 Million Jackpot,” “Sex Offender Wins Millions in Florida Lottery Proving Karma Really Isn’t a Bitch,” and my personal favorite, “Convicted pedophile Timothy Poole wins $2.2 million in Florida Lottery.” The language in the articles does not fall short of living up to the venom suggested by the titles. Mr. Poole is a large man, over 400 pounds, and one of the articles calls him “This fat 450-pound goblin….” And since pedophilia is a medical/psychological condition and not a chargeable crime, one cannot help but wonder how that particular writer can justify his word choice.

These reactions, seeping with vitriol, are not unexpected but nevertheless highly disturbing. If one who has committed any of the myriad of offenses that trigger registration is never, ever, hell no, to move past that to a point in life where good things can happen, where happiness is allowed, what does that say about our professed commitment to rehabilitation? How does that square with the volumes of research telling us that community reintegration of former offenders is the greatest assurance of enhanced public safety?

And does that mean that we, the public, the haters, those who would wrest Mr. Poole’s winnings from his hands, are deliberately sacrificing that safety so that we can doggedly hang on to our refusal to believe that people can change?

someone outside of NARSOL

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36 Thoughts to “SEX OFFENDERS should not be allowed to purchase lottery tickets; they just might win”

  1. AvatarGnu Phan

    It’s time to make a distinction between a moment of poor judgment and predatory behavior. A mistake, whether it’s committed knowingly or unknowingly, is forgivable. Unless you’re in Missouri.

    I was accused by a troubled 14 year old girl, my now ex-girlfriend’s daughter, of attempting to have sex with her. I was her second victim in ten months. Her first victim was a relative who was subsequently convicted with no physical evidence. We couldn’t use that in court because of victims rights laws. We also couldn’t use newly acquired information from the girl’s then recent state psych evals either… also because of victims rights laws. And the lack of DNA evidence was not likely to be brought up in court since there was no allegation of sex. I had nothing to fight with.

    My public defender convinced me that it was in my best interest to accept a plea bargain of five years probation with a seven year backup. He said that with my spotless record, I would be given a threat assessment by MOSOP and that I would fall in the category of a low level sex offender and that I wouldn’t have the same restrictions as worse case offenders and would have little difficulty finding a job. After six months in jail on a “cho-mo” (jail slang for child molester) charge, I was willing to take that deal out of desperation.

    He lied. There are no levels in Missouri. And there was no assessment, only an $85 intake fee, and $35 a week for the entire five year duration of my probation to participate in a mandatory one-size-fits-all group therapy program (with no distinctions between the nature of individual offenses, all are treated as sexual deviants, slaves to cycles of deviant thoughts and behavior) that is supposedly able to be completed in 1 year to 18 months. This is true for all of the participants. Every one of them are in for the duration of their probation or face revocation of their probation and prison sentences. State-sponsored racketeering and extortion.

    And finding a job as a sex offender is practically impossible unless you want to do low-paying, back-breaking day labor. Finding a landlord who is willing to take sex offenders is equally impossible unless you are willing to live in a bug- and drug-infested slum where other felons with whom you are to have no contact with under threat of revocation and prison likely live.

    Sure, true pedophiles and sexual predators deserve what they get. But then there’s the rest of us, people who made a mistake, or worse, were never guilty in the first place. It happens. And by the way, I agreed to cooperate with police questioning with a lawyer present. I was never questioned. It took two weeks to meet my lawyer for the first time. It took four months just to get my pretrial hearing where the judge hears evidence to determine whether or not to hold the accused for trial. The “evidence” consisted of only her accusation. I spent more than six months in jail before pleading out. The man she accused 10 months before me was still there waiting for trial when I got out. How long do you think you could wait living as a cho-mo inmate? It’s easier to find out than you’d ever imagine.

    But I took the plea. On paper, I’m guilty. Ok. Let’s say I did it. I’m guilty. Clean record. No priors. No evidence or accusation by the victim of physical violence or actual rape. In fact, she testified during the pretrial hearing that she simply stood up and walked away, that I allowed her to do so without attempting to stop her. Should I be treated the same as a predator or baby raper? Does my clean record and good past reputation count for nothing? It should. You would hope yours would if you were in my shoes. So do something to change it before you are because kids really can be that cruel.

    1. AvatarMary

      “It’s time to make a distinction between a moment of poor judgment and predatory behavior. A mistake, whether it’s committed knowingly or unknowingly, is forgivable”

      A moment of poor judgement? So you did try to come onto her. Don’t come on to children and there will not be a problem. Interesting that you an adult male are the “victim”, delusions. There are men who date single mothers and try to abuse the daughters. I knew of a situation. He did not touch her but had taken inappropriate pictures of the teenage daughter. Just because you did not rape her (you tried touching her and she stopped you or something that is illegal but you seem to act like you didn’t know better) does not mean what you did was harmless. This is what is odd to me about adult sex offenders they have no sense of responsibility and they cry victim. This is not poor judgment rather a sign of a huge character flaw and the fact that no child should be unsupervised and in your presence.

      “she testified during the pretrial hearing that she simply stood up and walked away”

      So basically you tried to have sex with a girl and she stopped you? You know that trying to have sex with a minor is illegal. So they girl should let that go??? When I was a girl it was scary, disturbing, etc when older men would try talking to me even though they knew I was underage. You don’t seem to care how your actions hurt the girl. You only mad that she rejected you and reported you to the police. Also another sign you are delusional, you think that trying to have sex with girls is fine and people should not get mad at you.

      Based on the way you sexual predator (you clearly preyed on this girl when the mother was not home) you probably have done this before. Luckily you were caught. Also if what you did was something that you would not do in front of the mother, that would be a clear sign it was wrong.

      Disturbing that sex offenders are so delusional to think they are “victims” and that despite breaking the law and causing damage (psychological which you ignore because you think only brutal rapist are wrong) to the child.

      “kids really can be that cruel.”

      And sex offenders can be delusional and lack decency. You seem like the kind of offender that dates single mothers so you can try to have sex with their daughter and the type that thinks no matter how far you go (like raping and hurting kids) you still believe you are good.

    2. AvatarCalvin J Stone

      Mary your right on some factors of what you’re stating. But you also have to understand to not all men/women are trying to prey on young girls or boys or anyone.
      I think you would have to agree with me on this. It’s sad there are children out there being coached by their mother or father to make hard life for the other person. That’s my situation I had an ex wife who literally beat me with a baseball bat, who got convicted of spousal abuse, and as a pay back she had a friend talk her daughter into stating I touch her. Years later this girl being 18 found me and begged me to forgive her for the lies that was stated about me. She even wrote a letter to the courts about the lies on me. There are men and women like me who are in the same boat. Will you still judge me because I’m on this list of doom? I have major proof. But it would take $35.000.00 to get it removed. And about 10 years to do it. No D.A. wants to be provided wrong. Can you agree with me on this statement WITCH HUNT! You know it can happen to anyone, even you! Are there sick people out there doing this? Yes. But not everyone who is on this list is guilty.

    3. AvatarWalter

      There is good in evil men. There is evil in good men. We can’t fix the problem until we can talk about it. At present the air is too charged with rage. I understand the rage but until it goes away we won’t be able to change things for the better.

    4. AvatarDale Gross

      Mary defines the corruption of our justice system. If a sex offender attempts to have sex with a minor one time, according to Mary, he is a predator. As dishonest as law enforcement and their partners are, they wouldn’t even define that behavior as predatory. Mary also assumes the harm allegedly incurred by the minor, without any facts. She has also ignored Phan’s comments about what occurred, instead inventing her own version of events. In sum, Mary is more dangerous than most registered sex offenders will ever be.

    5. Avatardavid

      Salam for everyone in Israel, as well as a lot of other countries, the age of consent is as low as 14 for sex and marriage. Do we impose ourselves on them as well?

    6. AvatarConfused and conflicted

      This site seems protect sexual predators and demonize victims. I’ve shown this website to people and all it did was make them hate sex offenders more.

      If you want people to hate sexual offenders and to see that sex offenders are “delusional monsters who think they are the victims while demonizing victims and dismissing the damage to them” (not my words).

      Congrats people will continue hate you more. Especially those who were sexually abused (“in this word of this site the predator who was wrong for getting justice for the illegal act (s) committed by the innocent people who have ever right to impose their sexual desires with no consequence” again not my words. My friend who was sexually abused found this site extremely offensive and just hates you all more.)

      I’m trying to root for you guys and be on your side but a website like this and the comments on it make it so hard to feel like I’m on the right side…

    7. Avatarsandy

      Confused, this is admin. No where do we negate the plight of the victim. No where do we advocate for anyone breaking any law or harming another person. No where do we feel that sexual crime should go unpunished.

      This is what we advocate for: laws and policies that are grounded in facts, need, and evidence; based on research, a law-enforcement only registry; and policies that support the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of former sex offenders into a law abiding society.

      Thank you for your interest in our site; please keep reading, and remember that the posts here are from individuals just like you and may not reflect the views of RSOL.

    8. AvatarDC

      “A moment of poor judgement? So you did try to come onto her. Don’t come on to children and there will not be a problem.”

      This was a generalized statement, but you were quick to accuse and condemn.

      As others have said, Mary is the dangerous one here. There is a difference between a predator and a consensual relationship, and grouping everyone together is a terrible idea with detrimental consequences.

      There is also the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ mindset when it comes to sex offenses. Just an accusation can land someone in jail or even prison.

      Over Christmas, I had to remove a broken television that someone literally threw in my driveway. This is just an assumption, but my address is listed on the sex offender registry and there are plenty of people in this world who would use it for malevolent purposes. Could have been an accident, who knows…

    9. AvatarWanda

      You know, he really could be innocent! What makes you so knowledgeable that you are judge, jury, polygrapher and executioner?

    10. AvatarJ.s.

      Mary, I read your comments and just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for taking the time to post. See, I actually had almost identical reaction and replied, then read your comments and had to respond to you as well. I myself am a registered so and have been working on myself ever since, 40 years ago already, and had 5 years of prison therapy back when the program was actually therapeutic. It was a group of offenders who acknowledged their crimes and accepted responsibility and were motivated to change. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the expertise of my prison psychologists and fellow group members. I have never come close to reoffending and all these years later I can still hear Doctor Snyder’s wisdom…until you can feel for and empathize with others first, accepting that you have been the cause of great suffering and internalize the pain and fear, the vulnerability of women and girls and all who are young and powerless, and especially the shame and lifelong memories of my deeds just to satisfy a moment of sexual thrill, you should truly be disgusted with yourself. When you stop thinking about yourself and how unfair and blah blah blah, when you can actually feel for others first, that’s where you need to be, that’s where treatment can lower recidivism and you will never reoffend because you just couldn’t ever do that if you were thinking about others and empathy. I’m far from perfect but I believe my prison doctors and group therapy saved my life and is to thank for not reoffending, and also for why I am so disappointed to read offenders comments like this. God bless America, j

    11. AvatarPhil

      I hope that the RSOL attorney will begin a fight against the departments of Adult Probation and the money gubbing “treatment” centers the same way she’s fighting for the rights of those who have completed their sentences and just have to deal with the registry restrictions.

      I’m also on Probation and I went thru (and completed) the brainwashing “treatment” group nonsense. Those “social workers” as they are, couldn’t treat a headache and they all need to lose their jobs. Probation officers are a waste of tax payer money. Everything you are NOT allowed to do while on probation can be done once you finish probation and NONE of it is illegal. It’s all about a bunch of buffoons that couldn’t pass the Postal exam being paid to bully another person’s life.

      I was almost denied a job at a local restaurant from my Probation Officer who had to call his supervisor to get HER permission to give ME permission to work there because it has a bar!! OMG!!! Alcohol!! My offense has nothing to do with alcohol but in their minuscule petty minds, if I so much as get a whiff of the smell of alcohol, I might run out the door to commit another 2nd Degree Sexual Assault with yet another consenting under-legal-age female. But when my probation is over and done, I can drink myself into complete inebriation. WTF!!??? Really?

      Probation serves no purpose other than to give legalization to being a bully. If you take the full amount of prison time that the crime requires, you don’t have to be put on probation. And THAT alone proves that Probation serves no purpose. PLEASE FIGHT TO END THE WASTING OF TAX PAYER MONEY BY ENDING THE PROBATION DEPARTMENT! It CAN be done with the right legal fight against it. They are more a hindrance than a help to ANYONE.

    12. AvatarJerry

      I have to disagree with you Phil on group therapy. I was convicted of having the 9 year old daughter of my girlfriend touch me. I was advised to plead no contest, and most likely would get parole since there was no ejaculation, or intercourse and it was only one time. Instead I received 5 years in prison, back in 1994, being arrested in 1993.
      While I was in prison, I entered 2 group therapy sessions with licensed therapists. One being a workbook group. It helped me understand why I did what I did, when I did it and what was going through my head. I gave me the knowledge as to how not to even approach these thoughts and feelings again in my life. Once leaving prison but still on parole, I was entered into another group session again with licensed therapists. This group was what I called a “in your face group”. It was like the military, designed to get you emotions stirred up and then break you down to understand how you would react in a moment when you are emotionally charged. I learned even more from this group. And near the end of my parole I and a couple of others, started our own group by request of the DOC in my state. As I got off paper, or parole, I stayed with the group for another 8 months. Why?, was to help others so that no one had the mindset of committing another sex crime.
      One thing I did note in all of the sessions except the ones that I was incarcerated, was that those sex offenders who were receiving treatment for their crimes while they were only on probation, didn’t seem to care one way or another about what they had done. They had that “not me” attitude. And that is why they were put into our group.
      There was one other group I was in while I was in prison. It was for felons that were sexually abused while they were children.
      All these groups helped me understand my life as it was, and helped me be a better person today. Like I said, it has been over 20 years since my conviction and 16 years since I got off parole.
      What I do hate though is the idiotic and stupid sex offender laws. The residency restrictions are just feel good laws. The being on the registry for life is another one. I was released as a level 1, in other words very unlikely to ever commit another crime. That was determined by the DOC and law enforcement of my county. Those who have investigated the specifics of my crime. They would know. Yet they are trumpted by politicians who do not know me, but feel that I am a threat because the state statute states that anyone who has sexual contact with a child under 11 is guilty of first degree sexual assault of a child. It does not matter what happened, only that the victims age was 11 or under.. So if a guy exposed himself to her, or he raped her repeatidly, he is looked upon the same. No difference. In 2004, the statute was rewritten. 5 years after I was off parole I was informed that I now am a sexually violent person and therefore under much higher restrictions. I asked what I did to warrent being labeled a sexually violent person, and they said nothing, we just rewrit the law and included you into it because you fall into that 11 year old or younger statute.
      I think these registries need to be looked at on a case by case basis. And I also think that the age of the sex offende needs to be looked at also. I am now getting close to the age of 61. I have developed stage 4 Carcinoid Syndrome Cancer. It is not curable and my days are numbered. I cannot work, I am weak and rarely get out of my house anymore. Since my release from prison 16 years ago I found a wonderful woman to marry, being married for over 11 years now. I had found work immediatly since leaving prison. And eventually got back in to my work field. But in 2009, things started to go south with me and my health. I am disabled now with numorous conditions and also now with the cancer. Yet with all this, I am still considered by the state and society to be a danger to them. I have done nothing but be a model citizen since my release. But that does not matter. My wife and I never been on a honeymoon. We cannot go anywhere outside of the country. We cannot go on any crusies, and if we are in any state for more then a few days I have to register in that state as a sex offender. I cannot stand for more then a few mins now and I am in constant pain. I would like to do things with my wife before I die. But because I am told that I am a sexually violent person, I cannot. Our society is very very flawed.

    13. AvatarCalvin J Stone

      Not everyone who has been convicted of a child sex crime,” child being 5 at the time. Then come out when she was 10 years old. And her mother coaches The child into stating what to her to say. Then when she was 18 years old state to my face a few years back That I never did it. It was her mother and my x came up with the idea. am I a predator? Many men like me had a x that was willing to do anything to hurt you. so not everyone is a predator when it comes to those style crimes. you’re not the only one who gets screwed over by the lawyers many men do. and the point of trying to reopen your case no court system wants to prove they were wrong and you was right!

    14. AvatarDale Gross

      Phan speaks the truth about the dishonest racket that is sex offender therapy. It is advertised as a program with a finite end, but it has no end. Because the therapists know the offenders will be put in prison if they don’t jump through every hoop, the therapists keep them jumping and keep it a constant stream of cash. Sex offender therapy is useless, as it is only a bull session. With or without therapy, the recidivism level will be the same. Any differences are attributable to other factors. And what good is a sex offender registry? What am supposed to do with the information that a sex offender lives down the street? Am I supposed to not bend over to pick up a quarter off the sidewalk in front of his house? Sex offender registries exist because sex offenders are a minority, so it is easy for the majority to pick on them. It used to be blacks, now it’s sex offenders. Also, the witch hunt that is the sex offender trade is so out of control that most people classified by the state as sex offenders have never been convicted of a sex offense (which could be something as innocuous as pissing behind a dumpster). Some so-called sex offenders have never even been arrested for a sex offense, much less charged with or convicted of one.

    15. AvatarDC

      I almost had to register as a sex offender because I mooned a school bus on a dare when I was in high school (17 years old). Ridiculous.

  2. Avataradam

    The reason for this (putting every one of us in the same boat – yes I’m in the same position as you are) is that we made “victims” in some way. Guilty or not, we are considered the same. I don’t like it. But if you look at it like this. Ill stay on the sex offender list as long as everyone is held to the same standard. People that lie about their case and are truly guilty “MAKES SURE THEY GET PUT AWAY AND WATCHED” Take yours back to court. I don’t think they should just take a young girl’s word and not look into what they are like, how they act, and who they are. They say one thing and your done for the rest of your life. Hope this puts a little light on your case. AND GOOD LUCK!!

  3. AvatarJohn

    My personal “favorite” headline came from The Huffington Post, no less….”In What World Is This Fair?”. I was outraged. If they want to get into a discussion about “fair” vs. “unfair”, let’s discuss the fairness of the registry. Would those who took umbrage upon this man winning the lottery be as upset if they discovered he was convicted of another felony that didn’t place him on the registry?

  4. AvatarRosa

    I too am a sex offender… and the laws are rudiculus for me and several others… in my case i was threatened to touch him or he would say worse happened… i was the victim!… the minor got nothing for what he did while i sufferer now for the rest of my life…. all that happened in my case is a quick chest touch over my shirt, for that my life is ruined… i was the one that reported it case i felt dirty for what he did and he denied anything repeatedly.. i pushed it and was the who ended up with the record… how is this right?????…. u people should not judge cause u just go by our newly given title and not the situation!!!!!

  5. AvatarDale Gross

    Most of the people in homeless shelters are sex offenders, as they cannot get work or housing. This is making things worse for society, not better. And very few of the sex offenders are hard core. Many had relationships with people underage. Punishing people for consensual sex because a group of dishonest politicians have drawn an arbitrary line in the sand, is more immoral than the sex itself. It is highly dishonest that 10 year olds are deemed to know right from wrong and are held culpable for their crimes, yet they are considered mentally challenged infants when it comes to the natural act of sex, when it is with an adult. Equally dishonest is that teens aren’t able to give consent to sex, yet society and law enforcement look the other way when they have sex with each other. Therefore, society considers it the most evil act when one teenager has sex with another, when one of them is an adult, but society has no qualms with a girl having sex with the entire student body, as long as none are adults.

    1. Avataroliver Bagwell

      Wow,you’re right on point.

  6. AvatarWD

    Your thinking is absurd at best.. Why not deny sex offenders water & food too? See your classifying all sex offenders as dangerous and people that stalk kids, when in fact that is not true. Sexual Predators are the ones that are convicted of abusing kids, not sex offenders. Educate yourself before making judgement.

    Sex Offenders Vs. Sexual Predators..Whats the difference? Do some research.

  7. AvatarGene Lansberry

    1125 Laird St The Offender Law are; Stupid and too General, if they want they can prosecute You for the Birth of Your child a Doctor must help remove the child from Your wife during the Birthing process, Gross Sexual Imposition, is the touch of anyone not Your Spouse for Sexual Gratification, the mother is well relieved when the child is not longer inside, Also when You pee You are not your spouse so you legally can’t hold your own stuff, Penetration ever so slight is Rape, Failure to clean Your child is neglect, taking a wet one through the crack of their butt to clean off poo is digital Rape. The clean heinie is proof of the Rape and Gratification. The laws are written so broadly that Our kids can be taken away forever, I am Guilty of getting my wife pregnant 6 times, Our Living children are the proof of the dirty deed! I pee standing up I am guilty of GSI. I hold my own Junk!

    1. AvatarCalvin J Stone

      What does all of this have to do with the article Gene?

  8. AvatarGene Lansberry

    Yes! the Nurse did touch my child from the neck to the knees, she cleaned the Blood off his body, washed him and put him in a fresh blanket, then gave him to my wife to hold, of course Our defenseless child is not Married to their Mother so we are continually breaking the Law. GSI, Digital Rape, or Neglect/Abuse. Children’s Services even said the proper way to bath a new born baby is to fill a tub with water put the baby in and hand it a wash clothe! The didn’t like the fact we brought the booklet provided from the Tallmadge Fire Department on proper care of fresh newborn’s.

  9. AvatarTJ

    If anyone could benefit from the lotto it would be a sex offender! hard enough to find/keep a job.

    I wish a lottery winning sex offender would donate big time to these causes/hire a lobbyist for change/reform!

    I recently read that the US is the only country on earth with a public accessible registry!?

    Why aren’t all felons on a registry? Why not released murderers?
    I think could push this cause which in turn may cause people to rethink registries altogether!?

    I’ve read more lately on traveling internationally being a issue to some. Particularly canada!?

    What does a romeo and Juliet sex offense have to do with owning a firearm?

    Imagine if a Sex offender won the mega millions or powerball!? please donate if you do! I almost think it’s your duty to play if you’re in this predicament.

    We really need a special interest group/lobbyist, etc…

  10. Avatarvince

    For the people who want to make it law that sex offenders can’t win a lottery, I REALLY hope I win one of those $300 million jackpots so I can pay off the gov’t officials to make sure that a law is pass that you can’t win anlottery UNLESS you have been convicted of a crime. Because, lets face it…..those are the people who really need it. Many of them are homeless and commit other crimes just so they have a roof over their heads at night. So think about how much crime would go down if only the people who have one of this county’s extra large thumbs pressed down upon them were able to win lotteries. Far less crime in this country would be the result……unless you count the “normal, never convicted people” going out and trying to kill these lottery winners. One final point, if they make it law that a sex offender can’t win a lottery, they will then have to refund all the money that sex offender has put into trying to win a lottery. That could be 60 years of playing twice a week at $10 per play. So $20 a week x 52 weeks x 60 years equals 124,800. Now pay that out to about a million people in this country and after all the discriminatory lawsuits that will be filed if that law is passed, now how much more money is our gov’t out of? Lawmakers saying you can’t win a lottry because you are a sex offender is the same as saying you can’t win a lottery becuase you’re black, Asian, middle eastern, canadian…….or best yet, beacuse you’re an American. Our gov’t is not allowed to stereotype and if it is allowed, we ARE headed to be the next Nazi Germany.

    1. Avataroliver Bagwell

      I couldn’t of said it any better.

  11. AvatarDaniel Eisenberg

    If sex offenders cannot win the lottery, and thus have no reason to buy tickets, that is arguably doing them a favor. Lotteries, at least as run by U.S. states, are predatory institutions and a way for the states to raise money from the uneducated (lower middle class at most). Of course, sex offenders should have the same opportunity to waste their money as anyone else.

    1. AvatarWanda

      Sex offenders if they win the lottery in my state will be forced to pay the state for all the years they were incarcerated for. So dear registered citizens please don’t waste your money on a lottery ticket, but if anyone you know does and wins they can choose to help you in any way they see fit without paying for the lavish life you lived in prison. (Sarcastic)

  12. AvatarSaved by Grace

    A joking text to another adult, using her daughters phone, Quote: “yes, you can go topless in my hot tub”… finishing the text in 5 seconds .. “NO – I’m KIDDING – NO YOU CANNOT GO TOPLESS IN MY HOT TUB.. YOU KNOW BETTER THAN ASK!” End of text… now I am a sex offender for life. The teenager was in my Bible study class, I purchased a Bible for her. She took it home, then I found out her mother is a radical atheist and vowed to “get me” for providing her daughter that “thing”. Our D.A., who was just elected, wanted a feather in his hat, so I became a pervert in the paper and all over the local news. My Lawyer told be he would not defend me after he took my money and strung me out over almost three years, pretending to try to get me a “deal” … the deal was serve 40 years or plead guilty to Enticement of a child, and two counts of electronic communications (one text, just separated by a few periods). Stay AWAY FROM LIMESTONE CO. ALABAMA – You will deal with a corrupt(in my opinion) D.A., Athens City PD, Limestone Co. PD, and the Lawyers that serve them for reference cases. $$
    DO NOT THINK you can bring in “out of town” Lawyers – they WILL be reminded of the serious consequences of being caught with drugs in their car!!! .. and then you get one of the “Good ol’ Boys in the network” lawyers!!
    This has costs me $40K, NO jobs, humiliation, and I am still paying 5 years later!! Disclaimer: All this is just my opinion.

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  14. Yes, they should be ALLOWED to win the lottery!

  15. AvatarCynther

    My husband is convicted rapist of our 6 kid’s. He paid his time. We lost our kids for all time. When they pass this great law. Make sure it includes all household members so that the offender can’t be helped by their partner winning the fund’s. Father’s who get charged falsely should never be able to recover even if later equated. I still am firm believer in justice.any one ever charged. In my opinion should be put to death. Then our prisons would not be filled with the worst criminals ever. When they get out if they weren’t a criminal they are now even after just q month in prison. My husband did 4 years. He is a convict now will be for all time.even military @ipped him of benefits for life. It is right for betterment of society!

  16. AvatarM

    Once a person pays his or hers debt to society they should have the same rights as any us citizen.

  17. AvatarTim

    He paid for the ticket with his own money. His winning the lottery has nothing to do with is offense. And most importantly, he served his time. Florida is the harshest state in the country on sex offenders. The court sentenced him. He did what he was supposed to do. If you are seeing his name and face on the registry, unless it says non-compliant net to his name, he is still doing what he is supposed to be doing. There is your justice. If you wanted to bar him from winning the lottery, then that’s what should have been done to begin with. I say good for him. Because he is not making any type of living. He is lucky to find a place to rent to him. You are also forgetting that some people may not even be guilty. If that happened to you, would you want to be banned from winning the lottery? It is so easy to say no, because you don’t think you will ever win. But you revealed yourself when you showed how pissed you were at his good fortune because he happens to be a sex offender. Again, good for him

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