Stop the sex offender registry panic

By Tracy Clark-Flory . . . Lenore Skenazy came to fame for letting her 9-year-old son ride the New York subway home by himself. Or rather, she came to fame by letting him ride the subway home alone and then writing about it for the New York Sun.

The piece led to an outcry — she was dubbed “America’s worst mom” — which, of course, meant that the essay had to become a book: “Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts With Worry).” In the five years since its publication, the book has inspired a movement among parents who want to give their children the freedom to do things like walk home from school alone. It’s a backlash to our age of “helicopter” and “bubble wrap” parenting. (If you suspect these monikers are exaggerations, consider that a Skenazy devotee recently had five police cars arrive at his house after his 10- and 6-year-old were seen walking alone.) Now Skenazy has a show on the Discovery Life channel, “World’s Worst Mom,” which sees her swooping into homes and coaching overprotective parents in a style reminiscent of the ABC reality-TV show “Suppernanny.”

Recently, Skenazy has taken on a new, albeit related, cause: reform of the sex offender registry. (Read full posting at Salon)

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2 Thoughts to “Stop the sex offender registry panic”

  1. While I would rather not comment about Lenore letting her little boy ride the subway or her rapid fame if you’d like to call it. I would like to comment on the Registry that paralyze each and every human being. Sure its public for the whole world to see. Each dot on the registry tell where each person is whether they had a sexual thought or was caught up in an internet scheme. And yes the internet sting is a scheme. Domestic Rape or something like that is a whole different issue. Other than that the registry is a scare tactic to put panic in society. To put neighbor against neighbor. The registry was the brain child of Megan’s law and the Adam Walsh Act. They wanted to make something out of there kid getting killed or murdered or raped. Were they a bit self-centered and now look at the registry now.
    The registry brings more panic, frustration, and public disgrace to the American public and more so for the one’s on the registry that have to hunt for jobs, suffer with these law restrictions imposed because of the registry and the Senators and lawmakers that want to make the laws more harsher and therefor glean in pride that they are helping others when they should be thinking of others better than themselves. The registry doesn’t give second chances, once your on it your on it for life unless a miracle happens. Government doesn’t give second chances but God does and he forgives also.
    So what do you think Government is all about with this sex registry…….. Human suffering and dehumanization. So are they really actually preventing or protecting with the registry and who are they protecting that they didn’t protect before or who are they dehumanizing .

    1. AvatarEd

      Yeah…Sex offenders are the new scapegoats in a country becoming more Nazi-oriented every day…Not long now until another “kristalnacht”. What’s next? “Resettlement” at a new Theresienstadt? A new Auschwitz opening up?

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