Why should you come to the RSOL conference?

You can probably think of several reasons not to—right?

You have to take vacation days to get off from work.
Travel is more expensive than it should be.
Being away from home for several days gets you behind on household chores and responsibilities.

But why should you come?

One reason is there will be some really great break-out sessions.

I most enjoyed the breakout workshops at last year’s conference; I was pleased with the amount of information that was available!” Jackie in Texas

I have attended three of the conferences; what I like the most of any conference is small group confabs where the sharing of ideas is prominent.” Alice, New Mexico

And you know that you always want to learn new things, gain useful information, and have fun at the same time.

2014 was my first conference; I was amazed at how much I learned.” Don

Informative, educational, resourceful, entertaining, and an enjoyable social experience meeting and sharing with others working for reform.” Georgina, South Dakota

But above all, you’re a person who puts high emphasis on value. You want something worthy of your time and expense, something useful and authentic.

The quality of the presenters last year was outstanding—ground-breaking researchers, inspiring storytellers, experienced activists offering tips they’ve used in the real world– worth about 5 times the conference entry fee.” Steven, New York

“It’s uplifting to hear directly from those who are actively working to squelch the hysteria around registrants as well as return the focus to where it belongs, preventing and reducing the negative impacts of sexual abuse.” Anonymous, Florida

This year’s conference will give you all of this and more. There are more major speakers with real solutions and experiences, outstanding break-out sessions where you can participate and contribute while you learn, and, above all, you will leave knowing you have received value, made new friends and enjoyed old ones, and have new tools and new strength for helping us fight the fight to which we are all committed.

We look forward to seeing you at the RSOL conference in Dallas on June 25th.


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