Emily Horowitz, RSOL conference speaker

Emily Horowitz, PhD, Professor in Sociology and Criminal Justice at St. Frances College in New York, is making news by speaking up and speaking the truth about the state of our current sex offender system. She deliberately stirred a hornet’s nest with the publication of her article, “In defense of Josh Duggar’s parents: It’s no secret why a mother and father would hesitate before reporting a child to police on sex abuse allegations.”

Then Lenore Skenazy, writer, television personality, and a major speaker at last year’s conference, wrote about Emily and her dedication to the true meaning of the word “justice” in our criminal justice system.

When Fox News, a cable and satellite television outlet, decided to do a series on the Duggar family, one person they reached out to was Dr. Emily Horowitz. Her interview with them on the subject will be aired Friday night, June 5, at 9 p.m. eastern time on The Kelly File.

Dr. Horowitz is living what she believes; in her article, Lenore says that she “walks the walk.” She is also taking some risks by aligning herself with RSOL. We hope you will watch her interview, comment, and attend our conference to support this courageous woman


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  1. AvatarEd

    Speaking truth to power is always risky, and downright dangerous if it’s in a courtroom with a politically minded judge.

    Why is it that young girls of 12-16, designated minors in our society, can be held accountable for serious crimes like murdering a classmate, robbery, or whatever, being tried and punished as adults, yet are held to be completely innocent in any sexual encounter with anyone over 18? Automatic victims in any sexual encounter, even if they were the ones who initiated it?

    WHY, oh why…do we WAR on human nature and natural law itself? Why don’t we say to the evangelicals, (who have decided purposely, as Bill Maher puts it, to suspend critical thinking) If God frowns on premarital or under age sex, why did he make human beings capable of such activity by the time they aged to double digit numbers?

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