Sex offender registries destroy families, devastate children, inspire murderers

By Steve Yoder . . . This compelling piece begins with the story of a husband and father of three who goes home after work, helps with dinner, helps put the children to bed — but then leaves at 9:30 to drive to a “safe” location to sleep in his van. He is on the public sex offender registry for a crime committed when he was 23, and Florida law prohibits him living–which translates to being there from 10 pm to 6 am–within 1000 feet of schools, parks, and other places where children frequent. Trying to find a place to live together as a family in a non-restricted area has proven, thus far, impossible. (Read full article in Aljazeera America)

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5 Thoughts to “Sex offender registries destroy families, devastate children, inspire murderers”

  1. AvatarWendy P Long

    T told becommitted a sex crime 2 almost 3 years ago I trusted that a guy was the age he claimed he was actually 15 about 3 months from 16 and consensual. I ended up incarcerated 15 months with a 3 yr. Probation and 5 year parole. I had never even had a speeding ticket on my criminal records it was a blank piece of paper before this. I have been out for almost a year and I am still denied the opportunity to live with my family. I have never and would never hurt my children! I go over to the house were my hub and lives w our children about 6am and try to live a normal life for my family until I have to leave around 10. It tears us up every night. I hate that I was judged the same way a person who molested a 1 year old baby Would be. There should be different Levels Of Sex OFFENDERS Each With Its Own Set Of restrictions because we all are not the same! I just want to be able to stop hurting my family. I can’t even pick up my kids from s cool if they are sick with out a big ordeal I want to be able to be here for them and my husband

    1. AvatarJerry

      I agree, Wendy! The “one size fits all” way of handling so-called sex offender cases makes American laws on par with Sharia Laws! I’m on the list for the next 11 years because my state chooses the “one size fits all” definition of what constitutes possession of child pornography. I was guilty of possessing depictions of non-graphic semi and nude images of females under the age of 18. None of the pictures had close-ups or focus on private areas, none involved models posed in graphic sexual poses, no one was being molested, and no one was engaged in sex or simulated sex. But my state says any and all depictions of a person under the age of 18 is child pornography. There is no difference if the guilty party had REAL child pornography or simply semi-nude depictions … one size fits all! This is ridiculous, just like your case is. We are better than this in America. But since legislators are so scared about being labelled “soft on sex offenders,” they do not have the courage to right this wrong that was created by 24/7 media frenzy on rare instances. The courts are our only hope. We need to educate judges that expert criminologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and sociologists and empirical research should factor heavily in handling so-called sex offenses whereby each individual case and punishment/treatment is based on that individual rather than “one size fits all.” You can never punish your way out of any type of crime problem.

  2. AvatarEd

    The United States is laughed at by Europeans for their pathological attitudes about all sexual matters. The Europeans laugh at sex, but take Love seriously. In the U.S. we are a mirror image in that those aubjects are reversed in our thinking. We take sex very, VERY seriously, but laugh at Love. People really should read Dr Martin Klein’s books on the subject of Sex.
    My take on the subject is this: The whole “Hippie” thing in the sixties and seventies of the last century was a mass infantry charge on the repressive sexual attitudes in the U.S. The “Silent Majority”–read “White middle class people” had been deploring the whole sexual revolution in the U.S. for YEARS.”Black folks and their deprived and depraved culture were responsible for all of it” You saw it in the early reactions to rock and roll music as “N-word” music and viewed white performers like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis excelled at it as “traitors” to their own race. Hugh Hefner and rock and roll spearheaded the national attack on repressive attitudes, and the whole “Hippie” culture was the liberated young of our society echoing the battle cry against it. ALL government interference with ALL sexual practices should be outlawed. The only sexual crime that should remain a crime is outright sexual assault. Consent is Consent is Consent…and should be recognized as such by society and the Law from puberty on. We’ve seem cases recently of murder by 12 year olds who were tried and sentenced as adults. BUT–let them be involved ever so heavily in any sort of sex offense–suddenly they are simply “victims” if any adult is involved with them.

  3. AvatarDallas

    In 2004, I got caught in an internet sting. I was in an Ohio adult chat room when an undercover Michigan cop joined the chat. I thought we were role playing so I called before we met. It was an adult woman who answered. I paroled from Michigan after 22 months in prison. I was on the Indiana register for 10 yrs. I was suppose to be free on May 16, 2016. But a new gun ho cop changed my date to 2024, saying I had to go by Michigan’s time of 15 yrs. or 25 yrs. (I never had to register in Michigan). So I demanded in writing a reason why I am still on the registry. They basically said they had no idea why, so they sent my papers to Indianapolis for them to figure if I should be registered longer or not. So, I had to re-register on May 16, and here I sit until they figure this out.

  4. Avatardean manger

    I would classify this treatment of so called sex offenders as a modern day witch hunt. The polititions say the registry is not punitive. Well it is! They can say it isnt but thats their way of being able to get away with posting PICTURES, NAMES, AND ADRESSES ON THE GODDAMN INTERNET!!! Making us all (the “perverts”) exposed to exclusion,hate and violence (some times resulting in death). When a bank robber or tax fraud criminal goes to prison and is eventually released they have “paid thier debt to society” and have been sufficiently punished. But god forbid a sex offender should be released! They (we) are continually punished for the rest of or lives! WELL DAMN THAT! Its not a safety measure (registry makes NO ONE any safer) its public naming and shaming. Well shame on YOU america! Even in the UK SO’s have to register. I dont belive this crap. Where is the bank robber, murder, tax evasion, DRUG DEALER, etc registry???

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