End Halloween sex offender hoax that wastes millions


Cambridge, Mass.—RSOL, Inc., a civil rights organization that advocates for evidence-based laws and the civil rights of law-abiding, registered citizens, calls for law enforcement entities to end the huge expenditure of tax dollars which are needlessly squandered each Halloween on a problem that experts in the field insist simply does not exist.[1]

This year, a letter will be printed and sent to all parents in Barstow County, Georgia regarding registrants’ obligations at Halloween. This is in addition to various restrictions and requirements that apply only to those on parole or probation. In flagrant disregard of the First Amendment prohibition against government compelling speech, a flyer with graphics will be hand-delivered to all registrants which they must post on their doors, and the sheriffs’ office will place signs on every registrant’s home or dwelling. This is just one county in Georgia; many others have their own similar, and often peculiar, requirements.[2]

Not to be outdone, the Tennessee Department of Correction has launched its annual “Operation Blackout” in the hopes of visiting some 3,500 registrants statewide to ensure that they are compliant with Halloween restrictions that, among other things, restricts them from displaying any “fall decorations” around their homes.[3]

“This is nonsense,” said Sandy Rozek, Communications Director of RSOL. “Research clearly shows no increased risk to children at Halloween from strangers, whether they are on the registry or not. There is simply no correlation between Halloween and those on a sex offender registry.”

Research shows that 34 states either have statewide requirements for registrants at Halloween or allow each jurisdiction to determine their own. Sixteen states have no restrictions or special requirements for those on the registry statewide or jurisdictionally. Year after year, as far back as can be determined, no assault or abduction of a child during trick-or-treating has been perpetuated by a registrant in any of the states—not one of the 34 nor of the 16.

RSOL’s executive director, Brenda Jones said, “Think of the taxpayer money that’s being squandered here. Some localities have ‘round-ups’ where every registrant is required to attend a ‘special counseling session’ or just be contained in jail during trick-or-treat hours. Others have nearly all their law enforcement officers assigned to spend their evenings, and lots of gas, going from house to house, making sure registrants are in their homes, lights out, cowering from the annual Inquisition.”

In Houston, Texas, everyone under sex offender parole or probation is required to submit a “Halloween safety plan” a full month before the date, a plan that includes their requirements to stay at home, keep lights off, have no decorations, wear no costumes, nor answer the door during trick-or-treat hours.

Experts have long written about the futility of these restrictions. CA RSOL just won a challenge, forcing a county to stop their sign-posting requirements. “Operation Boo” has been in operation in California for several years. Their Halloween restrictions for registrants under supervision have been the standard—curfews, no lights, no decorations—but this year when the requirement was added for a sign to be posted on each door, the CA RSOL sued the California DOC, citing the potential danger to the registrant and anyone in the home with him. The signs marked him as a target, the suit said, and a Federal judge agreed and issued a temporary restraining order for the requirement for the signs. [4]

In North Carolina, one television station, WFMY in Greensboro, dared to show the truth, getting the actual facts and interviewing Brenda Jones about an increased risk of danger from those on the registry at Halloween. “It’s just a complete myth,” said Jones.[5]

It is a myth that cost millions to taxpayers. This is a Halloween trick that America cannot afford. RSOL calls upon all states and jurisdictions that squander our precious resources on a manufactured problem to read the research, read the experts, read the facts and statistics, and stop throwing away America’s money.

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6 Thoughts to “End Halloween sex offender hoax that wastes millions”

  1. AvatarMark

    It is more likely a child will be hit by a car and killed than harmed by a sex offender in Halloween night. Using the logic that created these crazy Halloween laws in the first place, we should prohibit motorists from operating their motor vehicles during trick-or-treat hours.

    This time of year is when the media loves to scare people about sex offenders. I can’t wait to see the local news anchors urge their viewers to check the registries to see which sex offenders are living near them on Halloween. Thank God an organization like RSOL is at least trying to change the tone of this debate so the predominate viewpoint doesn’t go unchallenged.

  2. Avatarcharles

    I would like to ask you this: would you believe that Sex Offenders (SO) are to 21st century America what Frankenstein was to 18th century Switzerland? What Count Vlad, aka, Count Dracula, was to 12th century Transylvania? What Witches were in the 13th, 14th & 15th centuries England, then the Werewolf of 17th century England? In my opinion yes. Point is, the world has always had something or someone or some group it needed to hate to revile to destroy. And SOs are that something, that someone, that group today. SOs are the modern day equivalent of Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf and Witches of old, lurking in dark shadows with blood shot eyes, sharp teeth, fang like fingers, slobbering at the mouth, watching, waiting for an innocent child to steal away, then molest, then kill. And, according to your local media, local law enforcement and politicians, October 31th or “All Hollows Eve”, SOs emerge from hidden crevasses to commit such heinous acts. Never mind the nine months before All Hollows Eve that SOs worked their jobs, took care of their families, attended their church, their school and generally pursued honest endeavors. But then on October 31st or All Hollows Eve, this person suddenly goes mad, completely in sane with a thirst for blood, a child’s blood causing a hue and cry throughout the land. With torches, pitchforks they go to and fro seeking to destroy their enemy, the SO. But then on November 1st, the SO miraculously finds his sanity, goes back to working his job, to taking care of his family, to attending church, to school and to generally pursue honest endeavors. The land, still cautious, still watchful, but at ease now that the night of terror is now over—-Amazing!!!

  3. AvatarHillary Shannon

    This might be an opportune time to pressure the Obama administration for the removal of people on the registry that have misdemeanor convictions in the wake of the release of all these federal prisoners.

    1. Avatarscott shields

      I am a sex offender who was conviceted in 1990… ten years after my conviction I was forced onto the registry… Now 25 years later I am still forced to register. Never have I had to stay indoors on Halloween, and for the 1st time ever… the Sheriff showed up at my home to make sure I was at home complying to that rule. they even parked outside my home for 30 minutes waiting to see if I would violate. I am required to sign a form every 90 days, and one of those stipulations state… If my conviction is on or after 2008 I cannot be outside for Halloween… However it says nothing about if my conviction is before that date. My lawyer agrees, and so does that prosecutor that, that rule does not apply to me… and called the Sheriff… than why are they still harrassing me about it?

      Same goes for the 1,000 feet from a school rule, the prosecutor says it does not apply to me and has called the Sherriffs office… yet they are ignoring what they have been told. They do not care what the paper says, and claim the form is outdated, so then why am I and all other sex offenders in this county being forced to sign a false legal document? bc we are all being set up to be violated, so they can remove us from society.

  4. Avatarscott shields

    Furthermore, I have 4 kids and a wife… I am not allowed to take my kids swimming at a public swimming pool, or take them to a public park to play or enjoy family reunions. My conviction, I only spent 10 days and jail, and is a misdemeanor charge. I have a 8 year old that I have sole custody of… yet they are worried about me offending a strangers kid?

    The way they treat and view sex offenders, punishing us for life is wrong. I understand the worst of the worst. There are alot of sex offenders who should be punished worse than others… but there has to me some kind of statue of limitations. I could live the rest of my days and never break the law ever again, yet that still would not satisfy the government. One 20 minute act of consentual sex with a teenage girl, while i was 19 should not define who I am for the rest of my life.

  5. AvatarGreg

    It’s just nonsense. These are revenge laws and have no legitimate purpose. Numbers on recidivism are out: it’s hogwash. Their house of cards will crumble in the next Supreme Court challenge. The confederate states are wicked on sex offenders, and the west coast is the most reasonable. I applause Oregon, in the fact that they are just doing it because they have to. It’s the only state where it is obvious that they know it’s a worthless money eating system.!it’s broken.

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