URGENT: RSOL joins with ACLU to defend property rights of registrants

Registered citizens are in danger of being removed from their homes at a moment’s notice. That’s exactly the threat facing a significant number of registrants in Rhode Island right now.

Why should you care?

Because if Rhode Island succeeds in removing registered citizens from their homes retroactively and without any due process, this and similar legislation will quickly spread to every state in the United States…. including YOURS!

Rhode Island’s lawmakers recently enacted legislation increasing their residency restriction from 300 feet to 1,000 feet and applied it retroactively to all level III registrants in the state. As a result, registered citizens and their families are in danger of being removed from their homes on a moment’s notice.

Gravely concerned about the long-term ramifications of allowing such a law to stand, the ACLU of Rhode Island filed suit seeking injunctive relief against enforcement of this new law. A temporary injunction has been granted, and trial is scheduled to begin on January 19th.

When RSOL learned about the lawsuit, we immediately contacted Rhode Island’s ACLU leaders offering our support. And now, for the first time in our history, RSOL will be working together with the ACLU to help fund this challenge against a law that directly affects registrants and their families.

The ACLU anticipates its direct costs to exceed $25,000. The Rhode Island ACLU has limited resources, so RSOL has agreed to assist the ACLU with advocacy and financial support.

You should know how much is at stake. RSOL’s board has pledged to provide a substantial chunk of the more than $25,000 the ACLU must spend to sustain a credible challenge. We need your financial support todayThe Rhode Island project is the first item in the drop-down menu on the donate page.

Please take a stand with us today by making a contribution towards this crucial lawsuit. Whether it’s $500, $250, $100, or less, please be as generous as you can. We cannot afford to pay the price of inaction! Please make a generous contribution to this critical effort TODAY.

Don’t allow Rhode Island to roll back the clock by depriving American citizens of their right to remain in their homes. Help us kill this insidious law in Rhode Island and prevent this sort of legislation from spreading to your state.

Your actions today will have a critical effect on the likelihood of the ACLU succeeding in its effort to pound this law into oblivion so that your state legislature doesn’t get the idea that it’s okay to increase residency restrictions and retroactively force people to abandon their homes.

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