International Megan’s Law passes with no opposition

The discussion in the U.S. House pertinent to International Megan’s Law has ended with a vote to pass the resolution; it will now go to the President for his signature.

Ten legislators spoke in favor of the bill. They all threw out a lot of numbers, sometimes in conflict with each other, all designed to draw conclusions that cannot be concluded with any degree of logic.

Remember that the bill is named International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders. Child exploitation and other sexual crimes. Sexual crimes. Traveling sex offenders. Keep that in mind.

One legislator said, “There are tens of millions of victims of human trafficking,” and another said, with somewhat less hyperbole, “There have been more than twenty million victims of human trafficking.”

These are the kinds of figures that are thrown out, totally unverified but never challenged, but the actual point is that the term “human trafficking” conflates individuals trafficked for the purpose of labor and those trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Examination into the issue suggests that the far greater number is for labor, and those individuals are more likely to be adults than children. Forced labor, amounting to slavery, is horrendous, but is that what those legislators hearing the impassioned speeches of their colleagues thought of? No. They thought of little girls being kidnapped, raped, and prostituted. They thought of little girls like Megan Kanka because Megan’s tragedy was recounted for them, if not by every one of the ten speakers, certainly by the majority of them.

And that is another problem. Megan’s killer was not a ‘traveling sex offender.” Megan was not trafficked to the human sex trade industry. As horrific as Megan’s death was, not one syllable or one comma in HR 515 would have prevented what happened to her. There is no parallel to be made except–oh yeah–she was killed by someone on the registry, and that point was pushed by the speakers for the bill also.

Nothing was said to suggest that the individuals responsible for all of this raping and exploiting were on the registry. It did not need to be said. That was nevertheless the message received because–if the purpose of the bill is to stop these things from happening, and the bill targets those on the registry, then those committing the acts must be those on the registry, just as Megan’s killer was.

One speaker said that, in a given time period, passports had been issued to 2,000 registered sex offenders. That may well be true. Another, also speaking of a specific time period, said, “4,500 registered sex offenders received passports; that is unacceptable.” Unacceptable? Unacceptable that 4,500 American citizens, for a myriad of reasons, chose to apply for and receive an American passport? Nothing was said to suggest that any of those 2,000 or any of those 4,500 used the passport to facilitate a sexual crime against a child–or any crime against anyone. But is that the message sent and received? Of course it was. If the purpose of the bill is to prevent these things from happening….

And so it passed. If all that had gone before had not been enough to secure its passage, the last, closing remark would surely have done so. “This will save children’s lives.”

Again, totally lacking in evidence, it stands as a statement that will be heartily embraced and received and repeated as though it were gospel truth.

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32 Thoughts to “International Megan’s Law passes with no opposition”

  1. AvatarJR

    I have decided that I am mailing my passport to Chris Smith’s office. He wants to control its use so greatly? He can have it.

    Chris Smith
    108 Lacey Rd,
    Whiting, NJ 08759
    (732) 350-2300

  2. Avatarab

    Constitutional challenges to bill should be made if the president signs it. Unique identifiers for any group is unconstitutional.

  3. AvatarSP

    Another way of putting it: “This will save politician’s jobs”. Facts and evidence are no longer relevant to the Congress of the United States.

  4. AvatarMartin

    I am in awe that such a clear violation of rights can be enacted so easily. We are defenseless against the criminal organization called the US government. There is absolutely nothing we can do. We take a tiny step forward and 10 steps back. I understand how someone can become a domestic terrorist. I also understand how someone on the registry would want to sneak out of this country. I guess if 10 million illegals can sneak in, it should not be that hard to sneak out. I want to live somewhere else. Our country is gone. The immoral majority have taken over. I give up. You win, political azz holez. The facts do not matter.

    1. AvatarJR

      Let’s fill Chris Smith’s office with passports.

      He wants to control its use so greatly? He can have it.

      Chris Smith
      108 Lacey Rd,
      Whiting, NJ 08759
      (732) 350-2300

    2. AvatarTim Lawver


      One terrorist is as good or bad as another. You have hit on an important point here. The sex offender is perceived and treated as terrorists.

      This is why I believe the registries adoption into law was more about the “database” than anything else. You can see that I have stated this many times check out:


      I tie our gov’ts use of the database to the golden goose of unreasonable search and seizure so prized by administrative branches throughout history (KING, PRINCE, CZAR, EMPEROR, MONARCHS, KAHNS, KEISERS and yes PRESIDENTS) See:

      The use of unreasonable searches provides a valuable service to those who wish to maintain their positions of power through the use of “writs of assistance,”

      SEE [Writs of assistance were a flashpoint in the years leading up to the Revolution. James Otis argued strenuously against their constitutionality in what came to be known as Paxton’s case. He did not prevail, but his fiery oration heavily influenced John Adams and other revolutionary leaders. Otis vividly described the indignity of the writs.} and in more detail here:

      and here:

      IML is such a Writ
      Operation Angel Watch is an >>>intelligence-driven program <<<targeting registered sex offenders traveling abroad who ICE believes are likely to engage in child sex tourism. By evaluating patterns and trends, ICE identifies high risk countries to compare with the travel plans of persons included in sex offender registry. Since the inception Operation Angel Watch, nearly 300 suspected CST perpetrators have been identified.[1][2] In 2007, Angel Watch sent 1,700 leads to 100 countries.[3]

      The 2014 bill to establish the Angel Watch Center was described as an "International Megan's Law". A 2010 Government Accountability Office report had found that at least 4,500 U.S. passports were issued to registered sex offenders in fiscal year 2008. Congressman Chris Smith noted, "The goal is reciprocal notice between countries."[Wikipedia]

      Yes I must admit that sex trafficking is a real thing. People are trafficked for sex and for labor, but I do not think it is our Federal Governments place to combat it as it is not a constitutionally established role of our federal gov't to do so. That it feigns interest in doing so is more about their desire to expand their role into the lives of INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS than to protect children abroad. as proof I would remind the public that is was our federal gov't that nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Where was their interest in protecting those children?

    3. FredFred

      I am with you on that. I have fantasies about us united with our friends and families and seceding from the rest of the country.

    4. AvatarSeppo

      Some, maybe even most registrants could be eligible for asylum in some European countries. After all, many people are being persecuted for offenses that are not even considered criminal in some European countries and the persecution continues after court imposed sentence has been served. Registrants are banished from living in some cities, driven into homelessness and unemployment, and are being harassed and attacked by the public.

      For example:

      Would be quite interesting to see international headlines of US citizens escaping their own government.

  5. Avatardavid

    “International Megan’s Law to Keep Politicians Safe”.

    Way to help cut big government Chris Smith. Has a registered sex offender ever been convicted of child sex trafficking? What does it matter. Facts are stooopid. This is a witch hunt that’s trying to go international.

  6. AvatarDave

    The reason so many RSO have passports and leave the US is to get away from the human rights violations not to rape little kids. Don’t they have to have at least some evidence to pass this BS!

    1. Avatardavid

      Pfft! Like there’s evidence to support ANY of the degradation and humiliation we are forced to endure: Residency restrictions, the registry, polygraphs, ex post facto punishment, ect,, ect., ect. No facts to support any of it.

      Enough is enough. With almost 850,000 people on the registry (and that number keeps growing faster than the lies politicians spin to justify this crap) why aren’t more SO’s involved in the sex offender law reform movement?

  7. AvatarNick

    I have 2 major constitutional issues about this law:

    1. Placing a unique passport identifier. This has already been brought up in depth but instantly brings up Nazi Germany’s Jewish identifiers.

    2. How can the Federal government compel citizens that are not on supervision to disclose travel plans 21 days before they travel? Unless it is specifically spelled out in the constitution, the government can only tell you what NOT to do. To me, this requirement criminalizes sex offender travel and should also be used to throw out the AWA. Although older courts have ruled sex offender registries civil, and thus rules like due process and retroactivity don’t apply, newer courts have found that many new requirements have had the effect of criminalizing the registry, thus subjecting it to all constitutional protections. Maybe Rep Chris Smith gave us a gift to get AWA AND his crappy law thrown out?

    I would also be interested in seeing studies done that show directly how this law, if implemented, really accomplished it aims. My guess is this supposed conservative congressman who passed this law that will have no effect will just be wasting tax payer money by the hundreds of millions.

    I also didn’t realize that Megan Kanka had anything to do with international sex trafficking of minors. What a sad and wrong way to memorialize a girl who died tragically at the hands of a true monster.

    1. AvatarTim Lawver

      It is hard to believe we Americans as bad as we are THINK we should be telling other cultures how to act, how to be, or live their lives. We suffer greatly from a malady sociologist call “sociocentrism” SEE:

      Definition 2 is most appropriate

  8. How I wish we could have a demonstration the day it is signed into law. You know this bill isn’t going to be signed quietly. It will be a public spectacle.

  9. AvatarStrike IML with a veto

    how do you petition the POTUS to veto this bill? It is his last year in office and he was a constitutional lawyer, so can someone put together some bullet points that can be sent into the White House?

    1. AvatarNick

      I hate to point this out, but if it passed on a voice vote in both houses, then they could easily overcome an Obama veto in about 5 minutes. This battle will have to be fought in the courts.

    2. AvatarTim Lawver

      Great IDEA! registry cases too. Take it too the people. No different then burning your draft card. It is time to defend yourselves. Your ally.

  10. FredFred

    It appears that the only times our political leaders on both sides of the aisle can come to a complete agreement is when it is about increasing oppression against Registered Sex Offenders. All this in the effort to look like they are actually doing something constructive and secure votes for their next term.

    This has proven a number of things. 1. Politicians still refuse to rely on real data and logic. 2. We are clearly the whipping child of society. and 3. All of our efforts to combat this legislation were 100% FRUITLESS.

    1. AvatarDirty Politics

      Rep Smith was savvy in his tactics to get this done the way he did with a voice vote only at the time of day he did based upon the CSPAN and Congressional transcripts. He knew what he was doing.

  11. AvatarVictor

    It is a sad day indeed that this bill passed unopposed and will now certainly be signed into law. Last week, I wrote to my representatives in Congress to express my opposition to this terrible bill. Naturally, I did not hear a peep back from any one of them. I just received my brand new passport too. I wanted to get it before this ridiculous law passed. Yes, I know one of the many provisions of this law is that any registered SOs who already hold a passport will be required to surrender it. I have no plans to do so. Not that it really matters as I have no immediate international travel plans. Our country really is no longer the home of the free and the brave. And to think I served 30 years in uniform to defend my country. I don’t even know anymore exactly what I was defending all those years.

    1. AvatarJR

      (RSOL Admin…hope I’m not annoying you with this same call to action comment that requires your review every time…)


      I’m sending mine directly to Chris Smith. I’ll ask you to do the same when the time comes.

      He wants to control its use so greatly? He can have it.

      Chris Smith
      108 Lacey Rd,
      Whiting, NJ 08759
      (732) 350-2300

    2. AvatarRay

      Man I’m sorry please read my posting in the top story of rsol I’m ray

    3. AvatarJR


      To whom are you speaking? I see no comment from you on other posts.

    4. AvatarRay

      Read my post on confronting Americas hysteria it is now the second story on the homepage

    5. AvatarTim Lawver


      Thx for serving! 30 yrs. is a looong hump, hump and hump. (ya, did some myself) I wonder if you caught TRUMP coverage opposite the Fox debate (C-Span Jan 20) A Spec op Vet John Wayne Walding spoke to this group of supporters about the unbelievable number of Vets taking their own lives. I felt shame hearing that fact.

      “22 a day…Why so many?” That is the question I keep asking myself.


      I also wonder if they, as Vets, believed in what they were doing for U.S.

      Mr. Walding surely does and he made some points all Vets needs to hear concerning the issue of the negative thoughts that lead to suicide.

      I need you to know I’d consider you an ally, in this fight and John’s. I’m thinking this fight and that fight are very intertwined with respect to “individual liberty” You know how to find me via U.S.P.S.


      “It’s what makes it worth it.” John Wayne Walding

  12. AvatarPaul

    Poly-Ticks: Well let’s see: “Poli” is derived from “poly” which means “many”. And “tics” are blood-sucking parasites. So politicians are bloodsucking parasites. And Chris Smith is just one of them.

  13. AvatarPerseus II

    Will someone please answer me this question: What are the states with SO registries, which is just about all of them I think, that allow RSOs to travel internationally? I know here in Texas an RSO bet not leave his/her county of residence without permission from least 50 people and a mountain of approved paper work the size Mount Everest, let alone leave the good ole US of A. So again, just what states allow this international travel? If you tell me, will, RSOs sneak out of the country, then, when they have gorged themselves sexually on child victims, they willingly return the good ole US of A to their lives of SO retrictions and all the other crap that comes with it. And I’m not going to even ask how a convicted felon gets a passport. Must be a gapping hole to size of Texas and Alaska put together in the US Passport office for that to happen, or, could be they don’t give a crap, I don’t know but I have always labored under the assumption that fire works go off and red flags go up whenever someone with a criminal record applies fro a passport. Perhaps I was wrong, and if I was, then I hate myself for not taking advantage of that gapping hole and getting my A$# out of the good ole US of A years ago. It would have been at least 10,000 years before I came back here!!!

    1. Avatarsandy

      I imagine that you are speaking of the restrictions that apply when one is still on parole or probation. Once that is over, any citizen can get a passport. I know that registrants travel out of the country and return home; I do not know what procedures may be in place for them to do so, but from the comments on here, that has varied greatly according to, quite probably, state and destination.

  14. AvatarSW

    I wonder what the European Union or United Nations will say about this law.

  15. AvatarAlexander C. Miles

    The next step will be to prevent U.S. citizens who are registered sex offenders from renouncing their U.S. citizenship, as well as make all U.S. registered sex offenders have to register at the U.S. embassy or consulate abroad whenever they are spending more than e.g. one week outside the U.S.. This would apply to any and all U.S. citizens permanently living abroad, whether working, studying, or enjoying their retirement. Naturally, there would be a U.S. web site providing pictures and addresses of the citizens, and naturally, all levels of government of that particular country would be advised of the presence of the citizen, and the nature of the citizen’s past offense.
    This will happen within the next two years.
    Just to make sure SORNA applies world wide to U.S. sex offenders, and to make sure there are no loop-holes such that U.S. sex offenders may enjoy the benefits and protection of U.S. laws. Anywhere and at all times!

  16. AvatarBS

    This is just sad! I committed a sex crime when I was 19. Still punished for it again and again. It is time we all unite and let the country and now the world that we will not take this humiliation anymore.

  17. AvatarCurt

    I have sent this letter to two US Congressmen, two US Senators, Homeland Security, Dept of Justice and NO ONE has answered me:

    “To Whom It may Concern,

    I apologize for having to bother you with this matter but I am trying to understand what H.R. 515 might mean to me when my wife and I go on vacation to Costa Rica on May 15th. I have tried contacting SEVERAL Congressmen, Senators, The Dept of Homeland Security, etc but no one has answered me and my time to cancel is running out.

    In 1983, while serving in the United States Air Force, I plead guilty to a felony sex offense involving my 14 yr old step-daughter. Let me start by saying I plead guilty because I was guilty and I did NOT want to put my daughter through a trial. I “could” have tried to defend myself as there were circumstances involved; approximately 150 days before I committed the felony, I was T-Boned by a drunk Greek national in what was estimated to be a 140mph impact. I was in intensive care for 13 days before being released back the base hospital but right after my release from the base hospital I almost immediately started having issues. It was later determined by the VA that I suffered from severe brain trauma. I had NEVER acted this way before nor have I again over the past 32 years.

    Anyway, my sentence was 10 years ( I agreed to this sentence as part of my guilty plea) but it was reduced to 8 years by my Convening Authority. I served 3.5 years in Ft. Leavenworth Military prison before being released on parole. After 1 year, I was released from parole by the USAF for good behavior but I stayed in public and private counseling, on my own volition, for 7 more years. Later, the USAF agreed to upgrade my discharge from Dishonorable to General Under Honorable Conditions which allowed me to get further treatment and counseling through the VA Health Care System.

    Now, at 60 years old. I am retired and my wife and I are planning a vacation to Costa Rica on May 15th. Then I read about H.R. 515…. I am no longer on a Washington State Sex Offender Registry as it hasn’t been required for the past 22 years. This is however the first time I have traveled out of the country over the past 32 years. I need to know what will happen to me? Will I be arrested for going on vacation? Will I not be allowed back into the Unites States? Were exceptions made to H.R. 515 for people with circumstances like mine?

    Please know that I did EVERYTHING humanly possible to take complete responsibility for my actions and make restitution to my country and my daughter. I was lucky in that she gave me a chance to prove myself and today we are best friends. Furthermore, I made a solemn promise to NEVER be the cause of another person’s pain or to violate the law in ANY manner and I have been faithful to that promise.

    I just don’t know what to expect now and your assistance would be a great help regarding this matter.

    Sincerely -:”

    Does anyone here have answers? Thanks!

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