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OAKLAND, Calif. — The Latest on a new federal law that would mark the passports of some sex offenders (all times local):

1:30 p.m. 3/30/2016

An attorney challenging a new federal law that requires some sex offenders to have “unique identifiers” in their passports says the mark would wrongly imply they had engaged in child sex trafficking or child sex tourism.

Janice Bellucci told a federal judge in Oakland on Wednesday that the law has been touted as a way to crack down on those two crimes.

But U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton questioned whether Bellucci was making a leap from the law’s requirement that a marker be placed on the passports of people convicted of sex offenses against children.

President Barack Obama signed the law in February. It also requires that foreign nations be notified when registered sex offenders are traveling there.

Bellucci seeks a court order blocking the law and says it could put passport holders in danger. Hamilton didn’t rule immediately.


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  1. AvatarRon

    For congress to subversively pass this legislation by voice vote without regarding the significant impact to the citizen, only spells one thing; political bargaining and scheme tactics done on the backs of those considered defenseless. If you look at the language of the bill. It is not clear if it is exclusively for registrants or a certain class of offenders who are labeled even if they aren’t required to register. To further stigmatized an individual, trying to repair or rehabilitate his or her life in fact makes congress and the president complicit to the same crimes they intend to prevent. The system is design to destroy the life of the offender, well intended through reciprocation and retaliatory balances set forth in its own schematics. I would be a fool if I didn’t recognize this as punitive rather than a supposedly rightful administrative remedy. To target a class of offender on what they might or might not do is a mute argument, to socialize and publicize someone’s past is not government business and goes against the popular and foundational claim to the “pursuit of happiness”. For one that has traveled for many years post conviction to not being able to is a robbery of human dignity. If my threat and risk were so high I would have not been allowed to travel during the onset, if my dangerousness was so deemed
    I would still be locked up, this nation is the fabled
    World power with lack of luster for following its own bill of rights or conditionally its own constitution. The best defense to arm yourself with knowledge and education and be willing to debate under any venue or circular that you can. We the people are blindsided at best with these laws sneakily set into rule circumventing the necessary need of conflict and battle from its very own resistors. Even the SCOTUS is subjected to political pandering refereeing in the name of politics and prepositioned personas. We absolutely lose when the undeniable rights are disrespected and rejected in the name of lawmaking and government gesturing when we are abound and accept empirical implications without true research or true data. IML is a tool to advert the embarrassing nature of the same data used in all levels of government and to polish the legacy of POTUS regardless of his consequential casualties. Sick sad and senseless.

    1. AvatarEmil S

      One has to understand that even though they may say that the Passport marking is for some sex offenders, if this is not stopped now then sooner or later they will require all sex offenders’ ID to be marked. It’s like that classic frog in warm water analogy.

    2. AvatarConcerned wife and mother

      I agree it’s just an excuse to promote human branding. I don’t think any country of the world does it! Soon enough they will make “the offenders”, all of them (just in case), wear a badge, saying something like: “preditor”, ” rapist”, etc…. Just like the Nazis did to the Jews! How did a liberal country even come to this????!!!!! Someone has to say “ENOUGH”!!!!!

    3. AvatarConcerned wife and mother

      Just adding to my previous comment… How can they expect “the branded” people carry on like that? Not only staying away from crimes, just surviving? Jobless, homeless! And their families??? This is the most ridiculous and horrid thing that could have happened to my poor family!!!! The biggest nightmare that turned into a reality: (!

  2. AvatarReally counselor??

    (in reply to the courthouse news article that was more in-depth on the court hearing yesterday)

    In what world does the US GOv’t Atty think a passport does not need to be shown? A passport can be a primary form of identification you just have to apply for in person if you have no other form of photo identification! It is a US Gov’t issued form of photograph ID usable anywhere an ID is required. You don’t have to have an ID issued by a US state or territory. Because the passport can be a primary form of ID it then therefore falls into a category of needing to be shown when a primary ID needs to be shown! That means any definitive outstanding marking could be seen by someone who does not have the need to see it leading to……who knows!

    1. Avatarasdf asdf

      Its possible this person has never traveled abroad to know what they are talking about. You can not check into a hotel, buy a train ticket in many countries with out showing a passport. The people working these counters are not officials, they are citizens of other countries with jobs. What will the hotel room given be, will it be denied. Will train tickets and ferry ticket be denied. In addition, all passports are also checked at the gate when boarding an aircraft. these are not government officials, Will they not talk amonst other airplane staff and crew, will they begin to decide they should deny entry to flights?

  3. AvatarLarry Post

    It’s Nazi Germany all over again

    1. AvatarConcerned wife and mother

      It’s worse than Nazi Germany again!!! They deprive the registrants of their liberties and constitutional rights! It is absurd, especially in “the freest country” in the world. The whole idea of registry is out of whack. Most importantly it makes a lot of people who were involved in intengeable “ciber crimes”, look like predators, shaming them, doing ” human branding “. As a result they become victims of harassment and forced to loose their integrity. What about the families of those on the registry? It is a slavery all over again! The registration is forced and they charge you money for being on it, instead of that money going to support the poor family members, women, disabled children. But noone seems to care. They keep piling punishment upon punishment instead of giving people a choice to redeem themselves. The government forces the citizens to social and emotional suicide. They commit the worst crime, atrocities, by doing so, violating constitutional rights of people and endangering their lives and the lives of their loved ones! What a shame on our country!!!! It is disgusting! Makes my stomach turn:(…..

    2. AvatarAnd post-war USSR too.....

      ….and post-war USSR too……

  4. No words can describe the absurdity of IML. Some day this and other laws made without consideration of facts and figures will give way to rational thought. For the past several weeks the news, both national and state, have reported no arrests of registered citizens. However, many other arrests are reported, such as robbery, car theft, burglary, shootings etc., many by those suspected of doing these same crimes before. Wake up America, we are the laughing stock of the “free” world. Please people educate yourselves and stop believing in myths.

  5. AvatarCatherine

    My son looked at pornography including child porn when he lost his job, personal property and beautiful home foreclosed upon. He was seriously depressed.out of boredom, he turned to his computer for entertainment, curiosity, was wrong but that doesn’t make him a sex pervert,molestors rapist or murderer.He’s the ideal family man whose home was filled with love, respect and admiration. He made one mistake 23 years ago and has been a model husband,father,grandfather and humanitarian. He was sentenced to 7-1/2 years,required to file as sex offender,felon, he has had 3 heart attacks, cancer (active now) type II diabieties,neurologic problem with his feet (he wears medical shoes) high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe arthritis in both shoulders-he was sent thousands of miles away where his 85 year old mother is in declining health. Yet, our government releases terrorists murderers from guitanimo bay, illegal undocumented murderers rapists robbers etc WITHOUT labels – look at Bill Clinton,other politicians who make laws that don’t apply to them -our innocent children, families are invisable victims of our corrupt criminal systemLook at our political campaign going on now – the people have made their choice and the inside boys club, news media, entertainers politicians have destroyed any chance for the American peoples votes.We’re only fooling ourselves – we are not a free country. It’s all about money and greed.

  6. AvatarShocked, scared and confused

    Question….. Does anyone know what to do if a registrant has the kids of his own, can he take his own kids to a park? Any place designated for kids? I am shocked due to my inability to explain to my children (one has severe special needs) why their father can’t take them to a park anymore!!!!! I also have a disability which prevents me from being able to run around with and for them as much as I would like to. How could it be possible that the father is not allowed at the school bus stop (not even sitting in his vehicle) to pick up his own kids??? Am I going crazy? What to do???!!! I am being driven to a point of insanity….. Most of our family and friends stopped communicating with us after my husband’s arrest….The school requires at least three names for emergency pick-ups…. I can’t even put my kids’ fatherst name!!!!! Sos!!! Who could possibly help? I feel like I am living with a gun pointed at my head! Trying to be strong but find it all oppressive and debilitating. I am scared of anything and everything now. The government makes the laws that are impossible to comprehend, follow or enforce! The lawyers keep lying about everything, or interpret the law their own way, withhold information or simply forget to properly explain… I am at my wit’s end: (. There is no light at the end of the tunnel……. Complete darkness!!!

  7. AvatarNY Mom

    An upstate NY police chief said on a talk show yesterday that execution of innocent people is of no consequence when compared to the greater good of the use of death penalty’s as an essential tool in the police tool box to prevent crime.

    So. The end justifies the means. The death of an innocent person is OK if it prevents the death of some other person in a vague unpredictable future.

    And that, my friends, is sole the purpose of the sex offender registry: To prevent the possibility, down the road, sometime, in the future, maybe, that someone, sometime, somewhere may be spared by the use of the harsh penalties (against some other person) from considering the committing of a crime. The fact that the odds are extremely low is not an issue. The greater good is prevention at all costs, even to the destruction of human life, human rights.

    Ready! Fire! Aim!

    Works every time, according to the Chief of Police of Gates NY.

    1. AvatarConcerned wife and mother

      I have read all the comments….. Wow! It leaves me with very little desire to carry on, unfortunately, surrounded by thick darkness… I only try to be strong and go on because of my kids. They took a good family man away from us, a good husband and a loving father. Over a few accidentally downloaded files of this filth!!! A bad mistake he is paying dearly for….. And they claim there are victims….. They supposedly know the ages….. I ask you, how? Do the “victims” even exist? Who creates them??? Those sites are made available for download so easily for the purpose of entrapment! When I mentioned that to a private attorney, he yelled at me!!!! Why? Because I was trying to learn his job and ask questions to figure out how to help my husband, the father of my kids, the man I still love no matter how much they demonized him. And the the public humiliation…. And how is this not violating our constitutional rights against unusual and cruel punishment? They told him he has no choice but to take “a deal you can’t refuse” and bullied him into a horrible plea….. He won’t fight anymore, for anything…. He is exhausted, mentally and physically. They broke his spirit. I am trying to fight but don’t know how. My fellow citizens, brothers and sisters! What can we do? How can we unite and help our families and fight this injustice with justice? All the comments will be appreciated!

    2. AvatarRon

      March to the law libraries which are likely free in your area. Research and digest every chronicle you can. Case Law and precedents should resolve most legal questions but some are vague and takes a bit to grasp the language or gist of its interpretation. Arm yourself with education of every matter you can in regard to an array of options. Such as leaving the state of residence that you are in, and if at all possible leaving the country and primarily attaining a progression that can perpetually support the fundamental needs of your family, even if parental roles have to be switched or change. Leave no stone unturned or leaf unswept. You have to own your life and let not this world define you. The golden vase is your desire to hold a family together by any means necessary. It pains me that this scheme is divisive as the supposedly opposite intent it exudes in all levels of government with many actors and contributors complicit in the entire gamut of its demise. It compromise he safety and security of a families well being , robs the rights of those in a familial social setting on every scale with well intended results and exploits, no matter how you look at. The two of lesser evils is the victimless crimes that are parsed between prosecutors and police, unnameable or perhaps unknown and simply a source of criminality. Some lawyers are compassionate and some are easily appalled if you take on the likes or intricacies of their very own profession. Do not be dismayed or perturbed by detractors. The three key words are resiliency determination and persistence… not deny yourself these things because it is the only tool box you need to calmly destroy the position of your captors for you will feel free by each step you take and every milestone you make. Be the you, you want to be, not the you, you ought to be because “someone” said so! Refuse conformity, shout loud when voices are meek, retort the same when options seem bleak, make change by being the change. Take on Giants and the regime with every fight and furor you contain whether with muscle or mind. These things are what your are. Be that and continue to see that.

  8. Come on you people on here cheer up about all these restrictions and ordinances the sex offender has to got thru. They are all man-man laws so remember that. We all make mistakes in our lives’.

    Now I’m not married but still I’m a sex offender and on the registry whatever you want to call it. Call it a list of sinners if you want to but the man point is when they take away human rights and you become slave to all this because the judge said they couldn’t be around their family’s that have kids or little one’s at home.

    Yes its shocking, Whether they found porno on someone’s computer or not or they thought they were talking to an adult that turned out to be a cop ordeal one has to role with the punches for awhile.
    Now Brenda Jones and her organization are doing all they can and Sex offenders still have freedom of Speech or are we as felon’s exempt from that?
    Government is doing a more miscarriage of justice than they think.
    Who let the porn in……….The Government
    Who makes money off the sex industry………… The Government
    Who does these internet sex sting operations………. The Government
    Who are sinners………….. We all are.
    Now to all you ladies and wives on here that are concerned and frighten the best thing to do is fight back about these laws.
    Now I’m already labeled a sex offender but for the likes of me who did I offend. I guess if I had to tell the truth about it I offended a cop that was lonely and nobody would talk to her because she was in an adult chat room…. Boy did I get conned and even thou they pressed me for dirty pictures and things of that nature it was still a con any way you look at it.
    Yes sex is a dangerous weapon and when cops abuse their authority they are the ones that will be accountable but they don’t care.
    Its just like family members that get caught up in all this, they don’t care all they want is to protect and serve….. but who are they really protecting and serving in this game they play thru the internet.
    And yes if anyone wants to say we don’t have freedom of speech I’m sure that’s a God given right.
    Now all you mothers and wife’s on here need to speak out about this. And by the way using the word of the lord is a good biblical tool to use. They may not recognize religion but everybody recognizes the word of the God.
    A lot of this sex registry stuff doesn’t show any love thy thyself.

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