Why I’m proud to be part of National RSOL

By Dolly Madison……

National RSOL writes and produces the Digest, which is the most widely distributed, noteworthy, and informative publication on the market for those convicted of sexual offenses. We have a print subscriber base of over 300; and our e-edition reaches many hundred website members and supporters, almost 600 subscribers who are incarcerated in federal prisons through the CorrLinks program, and, due to being posted on our website, untold thousands more.

RSOL is the only advocacy organization to host a yearly conference focused almost entirely on sexual offense laws and policies. We have just completed our 8th one, and each year we are proud to offer the best in speakers, presentations, and workshops. Advocates, professionals, and registrants and their families from all over the United States attend our conferences.

Our state affiliate program is robust and growing. We have 15 full affiliate organizations in 14 states and a host of contacts and advocates, many with small organizations, in the majority of the other states. Several of the state organizations and advocates are actively involved in litigation challenging issues such as residency restrictions, proximity restrictions, and retroactive application of registration conditions. Some of the organizations work directly with lawmakers on reform legislation in their states.

Perhaps the truest measure of an all-volunteer organization is the amount of time those in leadership positions are willing to dedicate to the cause. The literally uncountable number of hours expended by National RSOL’s leaders signifies a longstanding and complete level of commitment to reform of the current system and laws. The number of volunteer hours is something we pride ourselves with having contributed and remain devoted to providing.

Each year, actually each month, sees an increase in the number of situations in which RSOL is asked to contribute to the broader community. These include, but are not limited to: events/conferences, research, articles, books, films, and interviews that we are asked to participate in, help with, or promote due to our research, knowledge, and large networking capability. A large and increasing number of media contacts and others, such as attorneys and lawmakers, view National RSOL and, within individual states, RSOL affiliates, as a premiere resource for information relating to our topic.

RSOL offers a high level of outreach, training, and informative advice that is provided through our networking system and through the many and varied contacts available to our dedicated volunteer leaders. These include but are not limited to:

  • the development of the LEO (Law Enforcement Only) brochure and initiative
  • our monthly teleconferences RSOL in Action and Advancing Advocacy
  • the development of the WAR (Women Against Registry) initiative, which is now a separate sister organization
  • the development of FEARLESS, an in-state support program for registrant families
  • the establishment of Vivante Espero, the educational branch of RSOL and a 501c3 entity
  • the blog “With Justice for All” dedicated to our advocacy issues.

All of us take immense pride in being involved with National RSOL. It is not just “something we do” but is a dedicated, essential part of our lives.

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5 Thoughts to “Why I’m proud to be part of National RSOL”

  1. Thank you for giving hope, ckarity, respect for victims and high level advocacy. Is there a mn chapter?

  2. Avatarsandy

    You may contact our regional director for your state at

  3. Avatardavid

    Thanks RSOL for all the work you do and for providing a community for those of us dealing with these issues. After my arrest in an online “bait and switch” sting several years ago i felt like i fell into a rabbit hole. Until one is directly caught up in a sex crime the average person really doesn’t have a clue how absurd, cruel and counter-productive our countries sex crimes are.

    So many of us convicted of sex crimes are just too ashamed to stand up for our basic human rights. Plus, it’s scary to rock the boat. Especially on probation. Me, it’s easier because there was no victim. The vast majority of those with an actual victim feel such terrible remorse that they are just too beaten to stand up. At least that’s my impression from the dozens of men (no woman, zero, why?) i met while attending mandatory sex offender treatment SOT).

    I appreciate the constant updates on the RSOL website and for giving us the chance to post our thoughts and stories. It’s a hard topic that nobody wants to deal with. I couldn’t even get the guys in my SOT to join RSOL. Most just are trying to forget. Disappointing. We cannot afford to stick our heads in the sand and hope things get better.

    Thanks for everything RSOL!

  4. Thanks for stating it so well. I’m proud too to be associated with you all.
    Thanks for all you do.

  5. Am I proud of RSOL? That is an open end question. While I am thankful that they have brought this diversity to the attention of those afflicted with this sex offender ordeal, if you would like to call it that, I am more interested in how it is killing people caught up in all this. Bare with me on that one for a second. See we can send those to War to defend our country and they are all justified for killing others in the name of the God and country. While they can rape, pilage a village to get at the bad guy, take the women hostage, who know’s what they do to those women and kids and all the punishment they dish out. So are they killing in a way when one is set up in these sex offender ordeals o by authorities enticment to control others?r if someone touches a kid than all hell breaks loose and than one is considered a sex offender for touching a kid or making a bad choice in other endeavors of a sexual nature
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. A lot of these sex aligations are blown way out of proporation. Yes, I feel sorry for the sex offender and I’m sure RSOL does also. Answer me this. would one rather be a sex offender than have the authority to controls ones life for the rest of their life. Should man’s authority override a higher authority? Yes authorities are out there to protect and serve but mankind still wants to control others by deceptive means or to make acquiations to intimidate one into a mind bending game for their side. My dad once said that government gets into things they shouldn’t get into. Does the name WAR come up.
    One thing RSOL is doing that makes me appriciate their orgization more. They inform and give others a place to voice and help relieve their tensions in some ways while being under this stressful situation. Together we all can stand up and say they are no better than us or should we start talking about police shooting others acidenttly or to the facts one was conned in a way to lover one’s standard. See its those that are in authority that want to lower others standards when one is caught up in all this or conned into all this when there standards are just as bad. I wonder if they are less forgiving than the God. We should all stand up for justice.

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