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The news of the suit filed by NARSOL and NC-RSOL along with two registrants in North Carolina spread fast. The AP picked up the story, and it went from there. This is a collection of some of the news stories. This will be a hard fought battle. We need your prayers and financial support. Please visit here to make a donation. Earmark it "For NC lawsuit", and every penny will go to helping defray legal expenses in this action.

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  1. AvatarMary

    Even though the registry should be abolished, I don’t believe it will be in my lifetime. In the meantime, I don’t understand why every state can’t have a uniform ‘tiered’ system, i.e. less serious crimes five years, ten years, etc to lifetime for the ‘real’ and violent crimes. People are on a lifetime registry in some states for an accusation and a plea.

    1. Avatarnope

      i dont want my state to have a tiered system its fine the way it is no restrictions at all. off probation that is wv

    2. Avatarwakeup

      There is no chance of ever getting off the list in wv..

    3. rwvnralrwvnral

      I wouldn’t be so certain of that. West Virginia is in the Fourth Circuit. So whatever the Fourth Circuit holds in the NC case will become the law in West Virginia. The Fourth Circuit is made up of five states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Just stay tuned.

  2. AvatarRajendra

    Thank you all. Hope something good will come out of this, and eventually the Unconstitutional registry and supervised release are abolished completely.

  3. I would just like to say to NARSOL that they will have their hands full with this law suit. You see government wants to win over everything mankind does as that is the way it is, call it human greed. On a lighter note I have had a bit of a run-in with Brenda’s views about this agenda and my article that I sent her about the President taking some action,
    It was about getting something in the newspaper and she wished me good luck. I will be going to court soon myself the last of this month, and yes I am in for a battle too.
    I noticed in one article on here that it talked about worship. sounds odd to me since Brenda told me NARSOL is not about religion. Well if man’s / government or authority is above the creator’s authority would one have to say man is overthrowing the creator’s authority?…. now I’m not sure what is what with NARSOL if they are going in one direction or another. All I know is that man’s way will never work. Of course to each their own as I have made no sense since I’ve been posting on here I’m sure. All sex offenses are different in this internet sex game where police are playing the harlot.
    I guess like they say… man’s way is always the best way but I think this matter is a bit different… can you all say slaves for life or are you all being duped out of your inalienable rights.

    1. sandysandy

      James, NARSOL isn’t “about” religion any more than we are “about” parks or international traveling. What we are about is access to any of those things being denied to registered citizens who have served their punishment for the crimes they committed. I too wish you good luck with getting information printed in newspapers. This suit has generated a large amount of press coverage, and we are delighted. I have had some very modest success in having our issues printed, but for every piece that is, 20 more are not. Often the editors and publishers do not even have the courtesy to reply to my letters of inquiry.

      Thank you for your comments.

  4. AvatarBill

    The Michigan request for review made it to the U.S. Supreme Court in the middle of December or a little before; barely making the deadline. Am I correct in saying we should hear something before the middle of March? I think the Supreme Court usually responds within 90 days of a request for review.

    1. FredFred

      I have heard nothing about this and I check every day. We know that the SCOTUS will be hearing the N.C. Case on Feb 28th, I believe that case was filed after the Michigan case, so I would think we would hear something about the Michigan case first, but the ways of the Government don’t always make sense.

      The Michigan affiliated group working with ACLU on the Michigan case, keep saying it will be a looooong time, before we have an answer. I think they are just being skeptical to keep us from getting our hopes up too high, but keep in mind, even if it all goes in our favor, Michigan will still have to change the law and they will take their time with that. These are very uncertain times we live in.

    2. rwvnralrwvnral

      The Packingham case is actually scheduled for oral arguments on February 27. The Packingham petition was filed in January, 2016–well before the Michigan petition (which was filed in December, 2016). The Packingham petition has been granted. The Snyder petition has not be granted. The respondents in the Snyder case (which is the ACLU) have been given until February 16 to file a response to the request for certiorari. The Supreme Court can take as long as it wants to decide whether or not to accept or deny the petition in Snyder. Given the timing of the petition, I would not expect the Court to have time to set the case for oral argument this session EVEN IF the petition were granted. There’s a lot of ball field left to cross in the Snyder case EVEN IF the petition is granted. And, in case the point is not yet clear, the petition HAS NOT been granted in Snyder–yet.

    3. FredFred

      That is the most current info I have gotten on the Snyder case in awhile. I thought we didn’t want the petition to be granted, so that the 6th’s decision stands.

    4. FredFred

      I am aware that the Snyder case has not been granted and that state is merely hoping that it will be. But I was thinking we would get word on whether or not it was granted sooner. I guess not.

    5. rwvnralrwvnral

      I would look for a resolution some time in March or April. But the resolution may look odd. It will be the difference between denying cert or (as in Packingham) assigning the petition to a sequence of conferences. Supposing that cert is actually granted, that will set a new clock for the submission of briefs in support of the petition (as well as a more protracted schedule for briefs in opposition to the petition). Let’s just imagine that cert gets granted in April. By the time both the petitioners and the respondents (amici) have time to perfect briefs, we’re well into June….and the Court is about to call it quits for the session. This is why I’m suggesting that EVEN IF cert is granted, we’re not likely to see an outcome to the Snyder case until 2018. If the Court denies cert, we’ll probably see that sooner and the matter will be over.

    6. FredFred

      Thank you. That is closer to what I was thinking. As you said before, the fact that they denied the request for a stay can be seen as a positive sign that the Court is not interested in hearing the case. That is what our hope is. I was thinking we would hear it had been denied or granted by March, but April is close.

    7. AvatarEmpirical evidence rules the day

      Robin – will the frightening and high stats SCOTUS used previously be taken to task here in Packingham to possibly bring it to light in front of the very Justice who was mislead?

    8. rwvnralrwvnral

      Since the publication of this article by Prof. Ellman in a 2015 edition of Constitutional Commentary, the legal community representing constitutional claims on behalf of registered citizens have been gunning for a showdown with McKune v. Lile. McKune is the 2002 Supreme Court case which contained the “frightening and high” language used by Justice Kennedy in describing recidivism rates among sex offenders. Justice Kennedy’s reliance upon an article published in a 1986 edition of Psychology Today was the culprit of what really became the touchstone for every prosecutor’s theory regarding repeat offenses. The McKune case has polluted the waters ever since and is definitely under scope. I would not be surprised to hear a healthy discussion about its misgivings at oral argument for Packingham.

  5. AvatarHope real numbers are used, not the false numbers

    I hope the false high and frightening numbers used against RSO’s being espoused by others and used in SCOTUS decisions previously is shot down in this hearing because the continued use of them is wrong and disservice to the people of this country.

  6. AvatarJason

    I was just turned away from Thailand and Japan a few days ago. I can’t believe this passed without me knowing it! We need to stop this! No country will let us visit when they get a notice about being a sex offender and then accusing us of having intentions to commit crimes there. I can’t believe I have to wait 5 years to apply for relief from registration so that I can travel, while others who have lifetime registration probably won’t be able to travel at all. The sheriffs office told me today that some were getting into some countries, but Thailand and Mexico are detaining us and flying us right back around. I feel fortunate to have had an awesome vacation in Thailand last year before this happened. Other travelers, food, and weather were my top 3 favorite things about there :*(

    1. AvatarRajendra

      That’s exactly what the IML is intended for. Anyone expecting anything else is a fool.

    2. AvatarH n H

      Beings that escape from this country is the only hope of ever living life to its fullest again (away from the “land of the free”), I wonder if seeking asylum in another country isn’t out of the question? Seriously, there are countries that would laugh at some of the charges a lot of us are on the registry for. Those same countries may offer asylum to the tyranny of the USA. One of the first comments a relative made about my arrest to me was “When you get this all behind you, you just need to leave the country”. Seems like pretty sound advice. Of course, to the lawmakers, there’s nothing wrong. They’re just “protecting the children”. Well, there wasn’t anything wrong in Nazi Germany either and we all know how their little hiccup in the 30’s and 40’s turned out. Today, just the term Nazi is scorned upon for what their government did to their people. Yet the people were behind the government for the safety net they promised their citizens. I will vow to everyone here, give it 50 years or less, and this country will be right there. Hopefully, by then I won’t be around to see it.

      Before my case came to light, I found myself in an isle at Lowes where a young girl, probably 3 was sitting in a shopping cart on the front edge of the basket. Her mother was turned around not paying attention, and the back of the cart near the handle began tipping up form her weight. Instinctively, making a split second decision, I put my hand on her back and said “hey look out there!” as I grabbed the front the cart she was sitting on to keep it from tipping over. Her mother turned to me and nearly came unglued demanding I get my hands off her daughter, and get away from her. I stood there stunned at the mothers reaction. What was I supposed to do? Get the mothers attention 15 ft away? By that time the young girl would have been on the floor with the cart on top of her with a serious injury. So, today? If I were to see that, as a registrant, the absolute very last thing I’d want to do is put my hand on the child to keep her from tipping the cart over and cracking her head open. Due to the registry and the perverted court system, all manner of good intentions are OUT for me. That mother, if so inclined, could just instantly snap and call the police. Then once them clowns are involved and the DA gets a hold of the situation and discovers that a registered sex offender was touching a child while her mothers back was turned. Well, we all know how that would go down. They would twist that into a million different scenarios, finding the best narrative for them, that I was trying to kidnap the girl or something sick to feed their lust for power. There is no end to their depravity. I’m so sickened… just angered at the reality of how easily that could happen, I can’t put it into words. I shudder to think of walking away and hearing a crash and a young girl screaming in pain. But hey, the registry and the police have more power over our lives than GOD on this earth. That much I know for certain.

      The registry, sex hysteria, and over exaggeration of sex laws has GOT to change. Where do we want these laws to take us in another 10 years? 20?

    3. AvatarJoe123

      Are you aware of the website that is tracking everyone who is denied entry into a country? They are creating records of each situation to use against the state in a lawsuit. Please research this on Google, there is a site that’s in the network on Register Citizen sites that is keeping track of this. I believe if you search for IML travel matrix, you will find the site. Please let them know what happened!

  7. Avatarkelly

    I would like to know how RSO’s can help with this that are unemployed. I have talked to a lot of people about these issues that agree these laws cause problems, but I cannot get them interested in chipping in; including others RSO’s.

    1. AvatarMaestro


      The reason you won’t get RSO’s to “chip in” is because they fear speaking up. Especially the ones on probation. It’s in their minds that if they speak up, they’ll get sent back to prison. Last I checked, you cannot be arrested for freedom of speech or thought expression. But you just can’t convince the RSO’s of that.

      I stood up to my probation officer. 4 yrs ago I filed a complaint with a civil rights organization against them. But, since everyone is scared to fight the system, the rights rep I spoke to when myself and the director of probation went to a hearing, told me I should just basically bow down and kiss their asses because “that’s what my conditions of probation say I have to do”.
      I tried to tell him that the “conditions” of probation was exactly the reason I filed the complaint in the first place. This rep/attorney didn’t seem to want to be bothered with me.

      If enough of us join together, there is strength in numbers. One person will be kicked to the curb. But a few hundred will be listened to.

    2. Avatardavid

      I’m still in SOT and last week our counselor told us flat out, “you guys need to stand up and advocate for yourselves”.

      That came in response after one guy in my group made the remark, “i don’t mind being on the registry”. I blew my top right in group and said everything you’d expect me to say. When i was done i thought, uh oh….That was when the counselor chimed in….

      My P.O. is very understanding and seems to be in agreement with our assessment of the registry. I would even say there seems to be shift in my local probation’s attitude towards those of us who are registered. There’s been no polygraphs the last 6 or 8 months…probation even wrote emails to the company doing the treatment requesting that some of the “lifers” in our group be allowed to complete the class. Usually you’re in there til you’re off paper.

      So there are some pockets of enlightenment.

      Probation officers are people too and i’ve been blessed to have great agents. Since becoming registered several years ago due to a “bait n switch” sting my method has been to try and change people’s minds regarding sex crimes and the registry by being honest and open. Of course, it’s somewhat easier for me…totally victim-less crime etc. but my experience with folks, after i explain the situation, is usually positive.

      We DO need to advocate for ourselves. Show the world that we are human beings not monsters. How to get more people involved?

    3. AvatarRajendra

      Most POs are POS, and that’s just a fact. They make sure that you don’t become an extra work for them by simply bullying you into submission, even though they most probably know how ridiculous these laws are, like you cannot go to a place where alcohol is sold, you cannot go to a park, you cannot visit social websites, adult websites, etc. etc.
      I have had nightmares twice where I was tormented by these probation overlords. I might need counseling from their threats and harassment.

  8. AvatarRuby

    I would like to know what you think of the new attorney general candidate chosen by President Trump today. In reading his cases I saw something on the sex offender registration but I don’t fully understand if he was against it or open to reform on this. Will this help your case?

    1. AvatarJeremy

      I read one of the executive orders that Trump signed today after Sessions was sworn in. In it is this clause: (3)(iii) identify deficiencies in existing laws that have made them less effective in reducing crime and propose new legislation that could be enacted to improve public safety and reduce crime

      Without getting political, it seems that Trump is very meticulous when it comes to getting expert advice and opinion before doing something, so we might have someone on our side here that reviews facts and empirical evidence. I have already written the AG’s office about researching the effect of the sex offender registry and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

  9. AvatarH n N

    Doing away with the registry and taming back the liberal rhetoric that ANY and EVERY act involving a body part which could lead to arousal is assumed sexual and thus automatically a crime should be the goal of NARSOL. The most striking argument AGAINST the registry is that local governments and law officials can not be trusted with how they’ll pervert facts of an event to make whatever into a crime. Their power is too vast in perverting events to MAKE crimes out of anything for their own gain. The purpose of power is to protect the people, not to enslave them. In other countries the age of consent is lower. In other countries, what I was charged with would have been laughed at by the police before it even reached a DA. But not here. We allow these laws “to protect the children”…. while turning a blind eye to what really hurts a child. Children are hit by vehicles on Halloween, yet the registry exists to harass people on it to not enjoy their existence as a human being during Halloween because “you’re a risk of harming a child”. Well, then if the registry is there because “what if it saves just one child from trauma” then it’s worth it, then do away with Halloween altogether, after all, isn’t the goal of such laws existence to protect the little child?

    Further, the internet has made this all too easy for vigilantism (Moody’s) to be all over. That was NOT supposed to happen with the implementation of registry. But it does, along with all the restrictions states have added making life unbearable. Simply put This government sponsored bullying has got to come to an end. When houses of registrants are bombed (Cape Cod), or people are targeted for assassination simply for being on the registry (Donald Robinson, others…) then there is a problem. Those peoples lives matter just as much as the teenager they USED to get the conviction with. The laws are not there to twist and pervert to justify parents anger for what their teenagers get involved in, they are there for laws for bringing actual harm to someone or theft. A sexually promiscuous teenager is hardly “harmed”, and we all know it.

    1. Avatardavid

      Don’t make this politically divisive by blaming liberals. Conservatives are just as bad. Being SO’s we are looked down upon by ALL people and parties. So knock it off please.

      I’d also like to make the point that when we comment/engage others regarding the fight for sex laws reformation it might be best to avoid making it a political argument.

  10. David, PO officers are only doing their job and they have a boss and they do what the judge says and the rules that sex offenders have to go by. They are more of a go between if you must say. As for a polygraph testing and a pre-questions sure I told the truth. I would rather tell the truth than get hooked up to some machine.

    While I went back to my PO and tried to reconcile all this out with him he is giving me an opportunity to explain the whole thing. The polygraph test wouldn’t exist if the original ordeal didn’t happen and I’m sure most know that these internet sting ordeals are more of con type game or manipulative move to enforce some ordeal that was made up in the first place thru a computer. Sort of a control operation with a sin slant of a sex nature.

    In the long run it is basically a devils trick to prevent what they gave you with this opportunity. I don’t know to many servants of God that give opportunities to do this type of deceit. Do any of you.

    1. Avatardavid

      Hey James, my probation started pretty rough- it started with a bunch of restrictions that weren’t ordered by the judge. Like you say, often it isn’t up to individual agents- they are following the rules they are given.

      In my case, i tried to move to another area in my state but got denied by that other probation department for all kinds of dumb reasons- like there was a crosswalk/daycare/school/church/park, ect ect.

      I wasn’t able to move and needed to find somewhere to live. Probation Ok’d the first residence i offered up. So now i live across the street from a park, next to a crosswalk. There’s even daycare’s in my neighborhood and a school a few blocks away. So it seems that different probation departments have different styles.

      I was arrested in a sting. While taking responsibility for what i DID do i’ve maintained all along that it’s wrong to punish me for what i MIGHT have done. In my opinion the whole situation was taken out of context. Responding to an ad posted on craigslist- with it’s implicit sexuality- is not the same as actively trying to molest children.

      I needed to make some changes in my life. And i have. Now could we please hit the “reset button”?

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