NARSOL condemns Sessions’ plan for longer prison sentences

Washington, D.C.— The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) strongly denounces the Department of Justice’s directive to reverse the Smart on Crime initiative introduced by the previous administration.

NARSOL condemns United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ order to federal prosecutors directing that they seek maximum sentences. The length of sentence imposed at the end of a prosecution is the direct result of which charges are initially filed and the enhancements sought by the government. NARSOL views this policy reversal as misguided and financially irresponsible as it will undoubtedly lead to longer periods of incarceration for everyone convicted of federal offenses. The Sessions’ policy is a drastic shift from the orders given by former Attorney General Holder in 2013 when he directed federal prosecutors to reserve the harshest charges for violent criminals and the leaders of drug cartels and urged more leniency to non-violent offenders.

NARSOL fears this order will only exacerbate what is already a serious problem of excessive sentences for those convicted of these crimes, which are primarily possession or distribution of child pornography. Because of this new order, the already harsh penalties will become more extreme and greater than the penalties for hands-on, violent offenses. Sometimes the sentences imposed for possession of child pornography exceed the natural lifespan of the person. More than 15,000 inmates are currently in federal custody serving time for these sexually related offenses.

Although the Smart on Crime initiative was not specifically tailored to reduce the excessive sentences imposed for sexual offenses, it was a significant step in the right direction, which has now, by virtue of Sessions’ order, come to an abrupt halt.

NARSOL notes that the federal prison population has declined significantly in recent years from a high of 219,298 in FY 2013 to the current total of 188,797.  The decrease in the number of federal prisoners was produced by several policy changes orchestrated by the U.S. Sentencing Commission and through the now-rescinded DOJ Smart on Crime directive. NARSOL views this current action as a tragic step backwards and calls on Congress to undo Sessions’ order and continue the Smart on Crime initiative.



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8 Thoughts to “NARSOL condemns Sessions’ plan for longer prison sentences”

  1. AvatarHelene Eschete

    Too sad. When will this end?

  2. The people who own and operate the private prisons, in the U.S. are probably ecstatic, hearing Jeff Sessions order to Federal prosecutors directing that they seek maximum sentences. The more inmates the richer these Bastards get! We see right through your Bull Shit Sessions! Seems like we take one step forward and then two steps backwards all the time.

  3. AvatarIn Search of Liberty

    Question: Who among us actually think that we are dealing with decent, honorable human beings? I am specifically referring to AG Sessions, Prez Trump and people of their ilk. I don’t know about anyone else but I am very capable of recognizing evil people, or minions of Lucifer. How? Because for more that 30 years I served Lucifer, doing his bidding: robbing, stealing, selling drugs and a menace in the community. But it all finally caught up with me and I paid for my sins with a 21 year prison stretch. And guess what? That is what it took for me to brake the chains from around my neck and free myself from Lucifer’s control. And with that braking of chains came a new insight on human nature. Hence, as stated above, I am able to see with clear eyes, unencumbered by societal/media influences. And I’m telling you rather you believe me or not, take this bible verse very seriously: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12. Sessions, Trump and people who follow these men are minions of Lucifer, they are doing his bidding here on Earth. Learn the deference between the actions and behaviours of good, honest, decent people verses the actions and behaviours of evil people—that’s how you tell and can spot them. I know because I was once one of those people.

    1. AvatarJim

      Jeff Sessions may be the most dangerous man in Washington today. His answer for everything is “lock people up,” and this has been his way of thinking for a long time. He is a very real threat to liberty for Americans, and every citizen in this country ought to shudder at the moves he is making as AG. It is always a good idea to beware of any “hero” who does not sit at the right hand of God.

  4. AvatarIn Search of Liberty

    Helene Eschete, note this quote from Edmund Burke:”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And so it seems that the good people in American are sitting back doing nothing—afraid. Afraid to rock the boat, afraid they may lose their jobs, afraid of what the neighbors will think. So they go along to get along. As an ex-con my voice has been taken away from me, in other words, no one will listen to or accept my insight and judgement on today’s goings on in the public sphere, I am precluded from that. So it will take people with good names, people who the media minions can’t attack their character and try to discredit them. People who is willing to speak truth to power.

    1. sandysandy

      And lest we get too carried away with criticizing the media — of which I myself have been all too guilty — we need to recognize that it is increasingly those in the media who are willing to speak the truth, and we thank those who do.

  5. AvatarAmerican

    The Texas Sex Offenders Laws Are the New Jim Crow Laws “No Blacks Allowed ” No Sex Offenders Allowed !!

  6. AvatarEC

    As one commenter stated above..this will only end when “people with good names stand up” and stop “going along to get along”. I am a survivor of 11 years of child molestation by my father and sexual assault by my uncles. I am also a parent of a child arrested for child porn (he didn’t even know he had). My father got 3 years in prison for daily raping and beating three kids from toddlers into teen years but my son faces 150 years!!!
    Stand with me please to change these laws.
    I need your help and others like our family need your help.

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