NARSOL to law enforcement: Provide reasonable & free shelter to ALL people

NARSOL Communications . . . Frustrated and angry over continued reports in the media and from personal sources of registered citizens being denied reasonable shelter from hurricane-force winds and flooding in areas affected by recent hurricanes, NARSOL has issued a press release calling on state and local officials to act reasonably and humanely in their treatment of ALL people seeking shelter from severe storms. Treating American citizens as criminals and prisoners rather than evacuees is despicable and entirely devoid of any shred of compassion or human kindness.

Please make us aware of any personal accounts or news coverage related to this issue. NARSOL is prepared to take action against any agency of government that either denies citizens reasonable shelter or places registered citizens into custodial environments without probable cause or articulable suspicion that any crime has been committed.

Feel free to contact us with any relevant information. Thank you.

Robin Vander Wall

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Robin is NARSOL's chair, the managing editor of the Digest, director of development, and provides assistance to the webmaster in keeping our websites running smoothly. He also serves as founder and president of Vivante Espero, NARSOL's 501(c)(3) foundation and legal fund.