A special Halloween NARSOL in Action

Special Halloween Marathon
October 31st 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. EDT

NARSOL plans to have a marathon session that begins at 6:00 eastern and runs for an unprecedented five continuous hours dealing with Halloween hysteria as well as the shifting legal landscape around the country. The novelty of this call is that we plan to begin the call shortly after sundown in the east and open the phone lines immediately to hear horror stories about Law Enforcement’s suppression of Halloween celebrations.

Rest assured that no one is expected to sit on the call for the entire 5 hours. It will be similar to a radio show or telethon where you tune in for whatever amount of time you can spare and perhaps rejoin the call if something happens that you want to report to us. The call begins at 6:00 eastern Halloween night and will continue for 5 hours or until there are no more questions to answer. The purpose of the call is to: (1) collect real-time information regarding oppressive and possibly unlawful tactics employed by law enforcement to prevent registrants and their families from enjoying Halloween; and (2) to evaluate the feasibility of initiating legal challenges where appropriate. Please call in during the program if you receive a visit from law enforcement or if you are ordered by your PO to report to a facility for confinement.

The outline for the call is as follows: 

  • There will be one primary guest (King Alexander) to discuss the important cases that have recently been decided. We will discuss Packingham, Does v Snyder as well as several other important cases.
  • A panel of state leaders will ask the attorney questions about the cases and the impact the cases may have throughout the country.
  • We will regularly take calls during the session to receive reports about repressive and/or excessive actions undertaken by law enforcement throughout the country.
  • After the question is asked, the attorney(s) will opine if there could be a viable legal challenge to these particular laws or law-enforcement operations. 

Although it is not mandatory, we ask that sign up here so that we have an idea how many will be attending the call. 

The call in number is 641.715.3660, code 957605#. We are also working on providing a link that will enable you to tune in through your computer.


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