Vehicles, not “predators,” pose greatest threat to little monsters at Halloween

This year, NARSOL has gone to greater lengths than ever before to re-focus the Halloween issue from the myth-based one regarding sex offenders to a fact and reality based one regarding the need for improved traffic monitoring during peak trick-or-treat hours. We are encouraged by the number of requests we have had from mainstream media and other sources asking for factual information on the issue as well as by the articles that are coming out reiterating the facts and calling, as do we, for an end to the myths.

On October 27, NARSOL issued a press release emphasizing this position to a very wide range of national media. The press release appeals directly to law enforcement to place their priorities where empirical evidence dictates.

Many articles have come out in the past two weeks focusing on what law enforcement will be doing to monitor those on the registry on Halloween evening. Our sincerest hope is that information released post-Halloween will reveal a shift in that stance and a lowered number of children who have died or been seriously injured by automobiles while they are trick-or-treating.

Robin Vander Wall

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Robin is NARSOL's chair, the managing editor of the Digest, director of development, and provides assistance to the webmaster in keeping our websites running smoothly. He also serves as founder and president of Vivante Espero, NARSOL's 501(c)(3) foundation and legal fund.