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By Andy S. . . .  We are in the era of the podcast! It is a very exciting time. It’s like a DVR for audio (and video) programs. The days of waiting until the exact day and time for the program to begin are no longer.

This is a gold mine of educational opportunities. While you’re riding the bus to work, or sitting in traffic, instead of listening to the morning shock jock play pranks on the locals or catching your latest jams, you will be upping your knowledge across an unlimited number of topics and giving yourself an important advantage.

With an app on your smartphone, you can subscribe to a podcast, and its content will be delivered to you. The beauty here is that you download this material directly to your phone. With this downloaded to your phone, you don’t need to use up your expensive data plan. You can configure the app to only download over WiFi.

Which app should you use? There are a hefty number of apps out there. Here are a few of the most recommended ones for Android:
Cast Box
Podcast Addict

For iOS:
Pocket Casts

Every app and every podcast will have a somewhat different way of subscribing. Here are some basic guidelines. Your app should have a way to subscribe. Then perform a search. Type in the name of the podcast you’re looking for and then click “subscribe”.

Many podcasts will have a link on their web site. On the site for More Perfect, about the Supreme Court, on the right side there is a drop down menu with links to subscribe via Apple Podcasts, via Stitcher, and a final one to subscribe via the method you choose. You can click on whichever of these links is most appropriate.

You can also listen using your computer by just clicking on the link or by clicking on “Latest Podcast” on the homepage and choosing the one you wish to listen to.

Here are some legal oriented podcasts that will help you further understand legal terms, or processes:
More Perfect – http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolabmoreperfect/
Thinking Like a Lawyer – https://legaltalknetwork.com/podcasts/thinking-like-a-lawyer/
Opening Arguments – https://player.fm/series/opening-arguments-1328385
Registry matters – http://www.registrymatters.co/ (shameless self promotion)

Here are some individual episodes that might be of interest:
Making Sex Offenders Pay — and Pay and Pay and Pay: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast
Sincerely, X, Episode 3: Ex-Con

The Secret Room, Episode 43: Married to a Sex Offender

The Secret Room, Episode 44: Sex Offender

I hope that this information is useful. Leave comments below!

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