NARSOL seeking candidates for its Board of Directors

The Electoral Committee (EC) of the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) is seeking candidates to serve on its Board of Directors. NARSOL’s EC is charged with identifying, vetting, and appointing two candidates annually to the NARSOL Board. New Board Members bring a fresh perspective on the problems, issues, and challenges faced by any organization — for NARSOL this is particularly true as the Registry landscape is ever new, changing, and ever more complex.

The deadline for EC appointments to the Board is July 31, 2018. We would like to identify as many qualified applicants as soon as possible; however, the EC will accept applications through May 31, 2018. Our goal is to identify a broad range of candidates, from a wide variety of backgrounds, and if possible representing every state in the country. While every state cannot be specifically represented on the Board, it is certainly possible to identify and appoint persons from every region of the country, which would be the ideal representation of the diverse population of Registered Citizens, their families, and the host of professionals in the movement.

An appointment to the Board requires a large degree of commitment to the cause and ideals espoused by our organization. It also requires attendance at regular meetings as well as any committee meetings on which a member serves. We encourage professionals to apply for an appointment but understand that they may be concerned about time commitments. If you feel inspired to apply, please do; the Board is working on ways to facilitate the workload, particularly for professionals who may be appointed to the Board. Certainly, we welcome candidates from every walk of life.

If you are interested in applying for consideration for Board appointment or would like to nominate someone for the EC Committee’s consideration:

  • Send an email to Michael H., Chair of the EC Committee, with a brief bio of yourself (if you are the proposed candidate) or the name of the person you are proposing, and why you feel he or she would be a great member of the board.
  • Include your current CV with a statement of why you, as a candidate, want to be on the Board, and what strengths you have that you feel would help forward the Board’s mission.
  • Include your contact information (phone, email, etc.), the best times to reach you, and the preferred method of communication.
  • Include any other information that you feel would be beneficial, including links to websites, white papers, etc.

We will keep you posted on where we are in the process. You should be willing to answer a brief questionnaire about your skills, background, and interest in the cause and to be vetted via phone conference in the latter stages of consideration.

Deadline for submission is Thursday, May 31st, 2018. The earlier the better!

Submit to:            

Michael H., Chair, NARSOL Electoral Committee

Please use “EC Committee Candidate” as the subject and email your submission to:


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