NARSOL wants charges dropped against teacher

NARSOL has issued a press release to Connecticut media as well as many other state officials in response to the recent arrest of Tayler Boncal, a 22-year-old track coach at a Connecticut public high school. Boncal has been charged with sexual assault for a relationship with an 18-year-old male student who is not a member of the track team. NARSOL is calling on the prosecutor to drop the charges and for the state legislature to change the law allowing such capricious charges to be filed. The couple has the support of his parents, saying that they are in love and asking also that she not be prosecuted.

Both NARSOL and CTOSJ, our Connecticut affiliate, are concerned about the potential threat to adult relationships on a broader scale.

Sandy Rozek

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Sandy, a NARSOL board member, is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.