Registry Matters Episode 12 – Reciprocity Laws

Episode 12 – Recorded 2/17/2018

A concealed carry permit issued in one state should be honored in another.

In early December, the US House of Representatives passed a bill that is one of the National Rifle Association’s highest priorities and seems to go against the interests of the voters. Each state has its own concealed carry gun laws. It is on the owner of the gun to know the laws of the state they’re traveling to and to make sure that they’re in compliance with the local laws. Under this law, a state such as Maryland, which has restrictions on where a person can carry, would be required to follow the laws of a state like Utah, which grants permits without any safety training, even to out of state residents.

Does this go against the 10th Amendment and States Rights?
Does Congress not pay attention if a law is constitutional or not?
Is this an overreach of the Federal Government into the laws of the states?
Core principles of federalism dictate that Congress may not force state governments to absorb the financial burden of implementing regulatory decisions made by other states, but that’s just what would happen under the NRA’s proposal.

What does this have to do with a podcast about the registry? When you are on the registry, when you visit another state, you have a minefield of laws that you must comply with. How many days can you be in the state before you’d have to report to the local authorities?

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