It’s time to be FEARLESS

By Harold Rector . . . The Fearless Project was launched by RSOL, Inc – now NARSOL — in the fall of 2016 in an effort to address a serious need in the advocacy community. Most registered persons and family members feel isolated and have no “safe” community or supportive environment. This project seeks to address this need in our community in such a way that self-perpetuating, self-funding groups can start and grow and (hopefully) inspire participants to become more actively involved in building better lives for themselves and others. A motivated, supported, empowered person is far more likely to “give back” or “pay it forward” in response to having a community around him/her than is someone hiding under a rock saying, “What can you do for me?” or “I can’t do anything!”   The biggest hoped-for outcome of this project would be immeasurable: a stronger sense of community, hope, and empowerment among registered citizens and their families.

Have you struggled to find your place in society post release? Can you benefit from the compassion and camaraderie of a group of supportive people? The Fearless Project may be just what you need; this project advocates for the unique and serious needs of registered citizens, their community, and their families. We do that by offering several key opportunities:

  • a safe community
  • a supportive environment
  • empathy and understanding
  • advocacy and encouragement

The main goal of the Fearless Project is to address these needs in our community. We want to inspire participants to become more actively involved in building better lives for themselves and others. A person attending Fearless will gain access to private, confidential meetings where attendees encourage, support, and assist one another.

Because many of our members often feel disenfranchised, isolated, and stuck in place, others in the same situation can identify ways to combat this isolation and struggle. We’re not about venting and catharsis. We are about finding a way forward despite the past; creating a supportive, understanding, and compassionate community; and just plain helping each other out. We are about empowering you to take charge of your life and doing something productive with it. Finally, we staunchly advocate taking legal and positive action to right the wrongs our society dishes out.

Fearless groups are under way or being developed in the following states.











Visit to find out more, then contact us to connect with the Fearless group, or connect with a Fearless Mentor who can help you get one started!

Harold is NARSOL’S Tennessee affiliate group organizer.



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