Registry Matters Podcast – Why Are The Job Numbers Good For Registrants?

Andy and Larry cover a listener situation where a treatment provider is being difficult. The problem is with receiving payments where the patient is making every effort to pay and be compliant with treatment.

Other topics:

  • Why does the law enforcement apparatus use school resource officers during the summer to monitor registrants?
  • Is it wrong for people to impersonate law enforcement to extort money from registrants?
  • Why was the entire law enforcement apparatus represented in regards to a civil regulatory scheme in forming the SOR?
  • Is drawing a 1st Amendment right, or is it a thought crime?
  • The rates of sexual offenses continues to fall, but the number of registrants goes up.
  • A 40 year sentence is deemed excessive by a conservative judge; given the current administration, are we surprised?
  • The month’s jobs numbers are good, and this is good news for registrants.

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