Deregistration Process in CO and “Can They Do That?”

The combination NARSOL in Action and Can They Do That? conference call was well received.

The first hour was devoted to discussing the deregistration process in Colorado. Our special guest was attorney Colleen Kelley from Denver, Colorado. Ms. Kelley is an associate at Wolf Law, LLC, and has dedicated her practice entirely to criminal defense. You can find out more about Ms. Kelley here. She has successfully handled deregistration petitions throughout Colorado, and what she had to say on the subject was very enlightening.

In addition, we talked about the case of Millard v. Rankin, which is pending in the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. NARSOL has filed an Amicus brief in that case, and we are hopeful that the Court of Appeals will uphold Judge Matsch’s findings that the registration scheme is punitive. We took phone calls from those in the listening audience who had questions regarding petitions for deregistration or Millard v. Rankin, and both Ms. Kelley and Larry were very helpful with the answers.

The second hour of the program, a segment of Can They Do That?, was equally interesting. Question covered a wide gamut of interests from quite a few different states. Both Larry and Ms. Kelley were kept busy responding to the questions.

Both hours of the session can be heard by going here: 


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