NARSOL’s new state law Wiki open for business

NARSOL is proud to announce that our state law Wiki is now available! Many volunteers have worked countless hours for over a year researching, posting, checking, re-checking, re-posting, validating, correcting, and finalizing pertinent information for all 50 states and D.C. And it is still an on-going project that requires your input.

We have chosen to primarily give links to statutes. Laws are constantly changing around the country, and this assures that you, the consumer of the information, will have the most up-to-date information whenever you access the material. Since the statutes are the official source of law for each state, accessed through each state’s legislative website, they will be kept updated by the state. Presenting the information in this manner also requires you to be an interactive consumer and hopefully a better advocate.

Nearly all of the links are to official government sites and documents. On occasion, simply because the government was not helpful, we linked to secondary sources. If you see information that you feel is not correct, please use the links on each page to submit a change request. Be as specific as possible, including links to the correct or added info.

Additionally, if you feel there is a category or question that does not appear but should have been included, please let us know at

Enjoy the Wiki!


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