Registry Matters Episode 42 – What the world would be like if confrontation clauses didn’t exist

This week brings us to Episode 42 of the podcast. We are deeply humbled receiving yet another patron, Tim! Thank you to all of our patrons for supporting the show.

Does NARSOL get credit for the shelters being open during the hurricane in the Carolinas? Press release here:

We delve into the week’s news and comments with both good and bad news.

Envision this: You’ve made it to the big screen – oh wait, your past gets your scene removed from the movie. “I forgot” to disclose social media accounts – in jail on $50k bond. We have a mindset of cruelty  when considering our criminal justice system, and we need to rethink it. Are there actually benefits to being on social media – like being social? A case of NIMBY in Wisconsin. Washington state has vigilantes trying to publish their own registry lists. A NJ Congresswoman has a list of things needed to fix the US prison problem – liberal dogooders! Can you please give me my confrontation clause? Convicted of certain crimes? no SNAP benefits for you. Don’t assume that you’re approved to go to a school event. Nebraska is confused when registering juveniles.

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