Cop-watch hotline part of NARSOL Halloween Marathon

Reports have come in from several different states that the required Halloween “round-up” of paroled and probationary registrants has an even more sinister twist. In addition to these exercises diverting attention and resources away from where children are at actual risk of harm — both for sexual abuse and for injury or death on Halloween — some jurisdictions are requiring registrants to take off work early or to “make arrangements” to miss work altogether in order to submit to forced detention for up to five hours on Halloween evening.

This requirement will cost the registrant and family lost wages and income and has the potential to even cost a registrant his or her job.

These are the sorts of requirements that NARSOL is especially interested in hearing about during its second five-hour NARSOL in Action Halloween Marathon. Additionally, those who have any requirements or regulations that interfere with their lives are encouraged to call. Some jurisdictions have been known to enforce regulations which may not be permitted to them by law, and we will have attorneys on the call to evaluate those situations.

Our second Halloween press release gives a link to full contact information and the various ways to access this year’s Marathon call.


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