Registry Matters episode 60: SO registration requires sex offense conviction

We are proud to release episode 60 of the Registry Matters Podcast.

This week’s program:

  • A listener asks a question about conflict of interest with judges and should they recuse themselves;
  • Patron Jeff asks what does it mean when the circuit courts are split;
  • New York is about to make conversion therapy illegal;
  • FCC judge rules registrants cannot use ham radio;
  • Some thoughts on how to pick an attorney;
  • We should make life inside institutions as much as possible like life outside so that there isn’t this huge divide between the way people live inside and outside;
  • Deepfake porn videos with your favorite actor/actress;
  • Poligrapher in NC says “Polygraphy is an evolving science”;
  • Judge issues preliminary injunction against registration of man convicted on non-sexual offense;
  • City in Wisconsin improves residency restrictions from 7% up to 24%;
  • Of course we need another registry!;
  • The federal court system is definitely impacted by the government shutdown, and this affects registrants;
  • How conservative SCOTUS justices can side with liberals.

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