Registry Matters Episode 66: Court provides new tool to challenge registration

Episode 66 of Registry Matters topics:,

  • Answering listener questions;
  • New York Supreme Court says you can’t put someone on sex offender supervision for a non-sexual offense;
  • Concrete thrown through registrant’s window day after police detail removed;
  • We have a double standard between sexes in sexual offenses;
  • Democrats extend statute of limitations in New York leading to a big uptick in attorney shopping;
  • SCOTUS oral arguments lead to speculation regarding cases involving registrants;
  • Sex trafficking (not really) in Florida;
  • Vets with Tier III offenses forfeit their right of military burial;
  • Man in Boone, Iowa, is allowed on school property – but other parents don’t want him there;
  • SCOTUS expands precedent on ineffective counsel;
  • Compliance checks with multiple LEO plus camera crew – for a civil regulatory scheme;
  • Media outlet fear-mongering over California bill;
  • 3rd Circuit provides a new vehicle to get into court for relief (Great news!)

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