Episodes 72 & 73 of Registry Matters Podcast

In the latest two episodes of Registry Matters:

In episode 72:

  • A study finds adolescents are having sex before age 13;
  • 2020 candidates propose allowing incarcerated people to vote;
  • Candidate in Australia opposes spending $8M bucks on a registry, but there are “gotchas”;
  • FOSTA-SESTA laws have paved the way for extreme alternatives;
  • A  deep dive opinion piece into the inconsistencies of recent SCOTUS decisions;
  • A YouTube video regarding IML;
  • Man in Illinois faces jail time for not registering a new car – WTH;
  • A bill moving through Arizona house vanishes after police reports obtained;
  • Interview on Fresh Air explains prosecutors and plea bargains drive mass incarceration;
  • Decision out of Massachusetts to remove GPS monitoring from 3,000+ people;
  • Pennsylvania will hear another challenge to the constitutionality of SORNA.


In episode 73:

  • Larry and Andy discuss the challenges of youth and sharing images: damned if you do, damned if you don’t;
  • Sheriff’s office in Green, NC has a mine resistant APC added to their equipment;
  • New top prosecutor in Provo, UT has a different idea about prosecuting;
  • New Brooklyn DA will not automatically oppose parole;
  • Oregon senate approves big changes to juvenile justice;
  • Debtors’ prison in North Caroline due to court costs;
  • Judges being allowed to depart from mandatory minimums, but only sometimes;
  • Trouble for high school that is considering charging student with harassment;
  • Florida bill seeks to force registrants to register before arrival at hotels and other occupants to be notified.


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