Registry Matters episode 74: Lacy v. Butts 5th Amendment self incrimination

In episode 74 of Registry Matters. Larry and Andy are joined by John from Vermont who is joining us to broaden our horizons:
  • A proposed bill in Congress  ponders if college should be more accessible to those incarcerated;
  • Baltimore prosecutors are determined to convict someone where evidence strongly suggests otherwise;
  • 23 states harshly punish minors for sexting;
  • Cities are using chalk to mark tires in violation of 4th Amendment;
  • To keep from revealing techniques and tools, prosecutors drop charges instead;
  • Executive in Jamestown, NY prevents registrants from voting against governor’s executive order;
  • Chicago opens housing to those with arrest records, but excludes some (guess who?);
  • 7th Circuit decision regarding polygraphs and self incrimination is great news – repeat: great news – for our cause.

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