Registry Matters Episode 75: Registry is the cause of death of man in Kentucky

In this Diamond edition of Registry Matters, we tackle two listener questions and have a theatrical reading:

  • Shocker: no evidence supports the efficacy of the registry;
  • Presidential politicians suggest giving all citizens the right to vote – even ones that we don’t like;
  • Alabama prisons are not safe for anyone, staff or inmates;
  • Kentucky teen pleads guilty for arson and murder of man on the registry;
  • Amazon facial recognition is an unrestrained tool for law enforcement;
  • Prison in Tennessee, run by CoreCivic, has a poor track record of inmate safety;
  • Legislature in Florida does not want certain people to vote;
  • Federal judge overturns conviction on ex post facto grounds;
  • Florida set to pass law prohibiting acts with obscene or lewd materials;
  • VA Governor will not sign any new laws with mandatory minimums.

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