RM77: MA high court rules to release registrant

This week’s episode dives into a decision out of Massachusetts that is poised to release a man convicted over 40 years ago and has since been civilly committed. This is a fascinating legal read, and Larry gives us the run down.

We begin, however, with these items:

  • A listener question regarding registrants using Facebook and other social media;
  • An article from The Atlantic which talks about law enforcement’s unhappiness at being profiled by computers even though they use the tool themselves;
  • A registrant in California who did not commit a sexual offense but is on the registry;
  • A bill in Louisiana could make it a crime for defense attorneys to do their job;
  • Some legal theory behind our two newest SCOTUS justices;
  • More bills are being passed extending the statute of limitations;
  •  SCOTUS justices are defending the recent inconsistent decisions to stop / allow executions to move forward;
  • A professor that stepped up to help Harvey Weinstein removed from deanship;
  • Oklahoma house passes a large criminal justice reform bill;

And finally, Larry goes into detail about the man being released from civil commitment.


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