A conference “Thank you”

By Don . . . On June 6, 2019, Doug (a board member of Titus House Ministries) and I went to Houston, Texas, for their 11th annual four-day conference of NARSOL (National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws) at the Marriott Hotel. One of the highlights for me was the letter read from the mayor of Houston welcoming us to the city and giving us his support to our cause. There were a number of great workshops that were presented for us to attend filled with information pertaining to sexual offense and registry issues. Doug and I split up and attended different workshops. Not only did we learn a lot but were able to network with other people and get contact information. We then went to the awards banquet, and the speaker was Lenore Skenazy, writer of Free Range Kids. It was very informative and funny.

NARSOL does a great job with helping financially to attend the conference by providing scholarships for the registration fee and then what is unheard of, a scholarship of $300 to help with the cost to get there for those that qualify. What we took home was something beyond the obvious, something that goes deeper than seeing friends and making new ones, deeper than learning new skills, something more than participation in workshops and listening to experts in their fields speak of shared concerns. Doug and I have a passion about justice in our hearts, and the conference stoked that fire to its highest levels. Many of us have lived a story that would move most to tears. Yet we find the strength to rise each day, hold our heads up high, and walk the walk. For me it is my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is my high recommendation when you get a chance to attend one of these conferences and be blessed.


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