When will Michigan do the right thing?

From our Michigan affiliate:

It appears we are in for more waiting. The state of Michigan is not working as fast or in the direction we had hoped. Because of that, we are moving forward with our class action lawsuit. The state and the ACLU have filed the necessary documents outlining their respective positions. The state’s position is that they can just remove some of the existing SOR law and make that work. The ACLU’s position is that if the state does that, the whole law will be harder to understand and still will not meet the court’s ordered direction.

The ACLU is hoping to persuade the legislature to craft a constitutional law.  We have a court date of February 2020, which is subject to change. The hope is that the court will set a timeline to get this done, or if not, then place sanctions on the state that are meaningful.

This has been a long and hard process since the ruling from the 6th Federal Circuit Court three years ago. We feel the state legislature has not moved forward as quickly as it should have.

We are asking all Michigan registrants to write to their state elected legislative officials asking them to do the right thing and follow what the court has directed and even to go beyond the court order and ask them to correct areas in the SOR law that are of no safety value for the public or the registrants.

We are also asking that Michigan registrants and their families write to Governor Whitmire’s office and ask her to work with legislative leaders in the House and the Senate to bring this about and encourage her to work with legislative leaders to get this done following the court orders. Tell her this is an excellent time to make positive changes to the SOR laws.

We need your help, Michigan registrants!  You can also find information on the ACLU’s website.


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