NARSOL demands stoppage of in-person check-ins for those on the registry

We live in unprecedented times. Never before have semi-quarantine conditions been imposed across the entire country. Registrants especially, having a history of not knowing what to expect from law enforcement, are unsettled. Going into sheriff’s offices or other places where registration verification is done is risky business these days, risky in ways never experienced before. Many registrants are senior citizens, and many, just like all senior citizens, have some serious health conditions. An exposure to the Corona-virus, COVID-19, could be disastrous, putting not only the registrants but also the law enforcement or governmental personnel at risk along with the families and friends of all.

Mainstream media articles dealing with this issue reveal a definite trend: While more and more offices are closing to the general public wanting to conduct normal business, such as fill out a report or renew a driver’s license, registered sexual offenders are still to report for their regularly scheduled verification checks. NARSOL finds this unacceptable, and March 20, 2020, issued this press release to media outlets across the nation calling for a suspension of all required in-person verifications during this crisis.


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