Two research opportunities

UPDATE 9/8/2021: These two studies are now closed.
Two opportunities are being made available for qualified persons to participate in research studies.
#1. Dr. Lisa Zilney; Montclair St. U. “Contextualizing the Experiences of Sexual Offenders.” This is targeting specifically those who received a conviction as the result of a plea bargain. There are two attachments for this study; one is a study overview and the other an interview guide.
This is from Dr. Zilney:

My name is Lisa Anne Zilney and I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Justice Studies at Montclair State University. I am conducting a study dealing with the experiences of registered sexual offenders who accept a plea deal. Most sexual offenders who accept a plea deal must register with the sexual offender registry. To date, there are no studies that look at the long-term and short-term impacts or the coercive nature of plea deals. Given that innocent individuals sometimes plead guilty, and that people who accept plea deals are not always aware of collateral consequences, understanding the experiences and perceptions of sex offenders can contextualize factors that make them more or less inclined to accept plea deals. This study also examines the impacts of community notification and registration, and residency restrictions on the lives of registered offenders after a plea. The study will consist of a short quantitative survey, as well as an in-depth, qualitative interview conducted over the phone. Interviews will be kept completely confidential! The study is in search of registered sex offenders who are at least 18 years of age, male or female. Findings of this research will have policy implications for how to reintegrate sexual offenders successfully into the community after incarceration and how to minimize the labeling effects of criminal justice sanctions for the offender. It is my sincerest hope that you will encourage members who meet the criterion of this study to contact me for participation! This email requests that you post this call for participation on your website and/or distribute the request for participants via email to your members. Please email me for a Call for Participation as I could not upload to this form. I would be more than willing to address any concerns you have about this project or answer any questions! Sincerely, Lisa Anne Zilney, Ph.D., Associate Professor Montclair State University, Justice Studies Department 1 Normal Avenue, 349 Dickson Hall Montclair, NJ 07043 Home: 732-221-2241 (EST) Email:

 #2 Dr. Amy Jozan: Walden U. : “Were You Incarcerated While Under 18?” This study is not sexual offense specific but targets young adults, 18-23, who were incarcerated at a young age. Even though not SO specific, we feel this study will give valuable information in this age of the push for criminal justice reform. Three attachment are associated with this study; one is a consent form, one gives the study and contact information, and the other is a screening tool for eligibility for the study.
UPDATE 9/8/2021: These two studies are now closed.




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