Policy on Published Work & Research Requests

Work published elsewhere

  • Unless permission is given otherwise, such pieces will contain only a portion of the original;
  • The author’s name shall be prominently in the byline at the beginning of the post;
  • A link to the original publication, which will be named, will be at the end of the posted portion;
  • The opinions expressed in the posted portion reflect the opinions of the author and not necessarily of NARSOL.

Request for dissemination of research projects:

As the oldest national organization fighting for the rights of persons affected by sexual offense laws, NARSOL receives frequent requests to promote and distribute surveys or polls that are part of research projects. Legitimate research is vital as we strive to focus on the facts of the sexual offense registry and its impact on individuals, families, and the community. As an organization, we will do what we can to support new research. We have established criteria, policy, a review board, and a process for “vetting” these requests and supporting and recommending them. NARSOL can serve as point of contact for ALL of our state groups, not just those with contact info.

If a NARSOL-connected group or individual is approached with a request, we ask that the researcher(s) provide the language of the appeal and include the IRB, statement of purpose, and summary of research aims using the link below.

Request to disseminate research survey

When the project is approved, we will post it on the website and on the affiliates’ listserv.



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