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By Richard . . . In July, 2019, there was a vision among some that the 2020 NARASOL Conference in Raleigh, NC, would be one to remember.  Little did we know it would be remembered for being cancelled due to a worldwide pandemic.  But in the spirit of the Phoenix, NARSOL Conference 2020 is rising to live again, and “Plan B” is proceeding on schedule.

You have already started to see the promotion of the “NARSOL LIVE” webinar.  The speaker line-up is the same as if we were in Raleigh, and some of the workshops will also be presented.  While we won’t be hugging one another and sharing meals together, we will be sharing the same experience, our time, and our future together.

“NARSOL LIVE” is not our first attempt in the virtual world and will not be our last.  The Conference Operations Committee is working to create a virtual event that will help you in your advocacy work.  The work you do in your community is important and necessary, and “NARSOL LIVE” will be delivering a program to strengthen those efforts.

You will learn “How to talk to policy makers so they will listen.” You will hear “Irrational laws reveal underly problems with our justice system.”  There will be a conversation about “How to reach people who don’t already agree with you.”  And this is only the beginning.

“NARSOL LIVE” is a new experience, an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, and an experiment in how NARSOL can help you.

There is a great opportunity to bring those in your organization into the conference for a relatively small fee.  There is unlimited room at “NARSOL LIVE”, so invite everyone you know; invite those who have said, “I wish I could have gone to last year’s conference.”   This is the time to help your team become better advocates.  Help to make this new experience a great experience.

The NARSOL volunteers are doing everything we can to deliver a program that can help transform the advocacy work surrounding sexual offense laws and change the future for those on the registry.   We are asking for your help to turn this new “NARSOL LIVE” webinar into the conference everyone remembers because it helped change the future.

Go here to register for NARSOL LIVE.

Go here to see the schedule of speakers, workshops, and topics.


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