The Evidence-Based Case for Ending Sex Offender Registries

Sex offender registries promised to keep survivors and communities safe by limiting where people convicted of sex offenses can live, work, learn and volunteer. It requires them to publicly register where they reside and work. But studies show these laws fail to keep us safe, while they create an underclass of people who struggle to find a good job and safe place to live. Learn why registries have failed and the movement to end them.

Moderator: Josh Hoe, Policy Analyst for Safe & Just Michigan

Miriam Aukerman, Senior Staff Attorney ACLU of Michigan
Judith Levine, Journalist, Feminist & Co-Founder of the National Writers Union, Co-Author of “The Feminist and the Sex Offender: Confronting Sexual Harm, Ending State Violence
Vincent Schiraldi, Senior Research Scientist Columbia University School of Social Work


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